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Wow! It's been a while since I have been able to write a Five on Friday post! September 16th to be exact. October was a crazy busy month and it flew by too fast for my liking. I have a feeling things are not going to slow down until at least January. Our November calendar is already filling up fast. But today I am sharing a bunch of randomness...

{O N E} // Where did October go?

I don't know about you, but I have a bit of Halloween hangover. I've yet to pack away all of the Halloween things and store them in the attic until next year. There are traces of costumes and trick or treating strung across my house. I've just been too tired to even care. And I suppose the fact that my husband isn't too keen on decorating for Christmas just yet makes me care a little less about packing up all of the Hallow things...

I will win this battle. I will.

Mason was not too excited to go to school on Tuesday and I couldn't blame him. He had a couple weeks of fun with Red Ribbon Week, Science Concept Day and then Halloween and Tuesday was just going to be a normal boring day. But yet it wasn't. They got to learn all about the voting process. Only they voted on their favorite snack food. He was pretty dang proud of his voter's registration card! Fruit Loops won the election, by the way.

{T W O} // Science Concept Day

Mason's school does this thing called 'concept day' and it's basically a day devoted to one subject in school. They've already had an Art Concept Day and last Friday was Science Concept Day. On concept day they visit multiple classrooms throughout the school and do only fun things. So for Art day it was all Art projects in each of the classrooms. On Science day they did all kinds of Science experiments in different classrooms. Mason loves concept days because there is no normal school work done on those days! In honor of Science Concept Day day they let the kids dress up as a scientist. We had so much fun with Mason's outfit! Our little Albert Einstein....

Cute, right? Nathan and I totally felt like we got a glimpse of our future. Not necessarily of Mason has a scientist, but perhaps a doctor.

{T H R E E} // Teacher's Halloween gifts

I love a holiday and take it as a good opportunity to spoil Mason's teachers a little. I had so much fun putting together these gifts and wanted to share.

We gave them a pumpkin spice latte mix, pumpkin spice chapstick, some warm, fuzzy and festive socks, a cookie in a cute pumpkin tin and some chocolate candies.

{F O U R} // Halloween on the Square

For Halloween this year we went to our church's Trunk or Treat on the square. We had so much fun. I love that they have created a fun and safe environment for children on Halloween. Plus, it serves as an opportunity to share the Gospel with others. Our pastor brought some animals from his farm and Mason especially loved the goat. They also had a cute little area set up as a photo opp. Our pastor offered to take our picture and I am so happy he did. Otherwise we wouldn't have one photo of us together on Halloween. We didn't contribute a trunk this year, but it's in the plans for next year. I'm already brainstorming what we can do. Mason keeps saying a shark. We shall see!

{F I V E} // Cub Scouts

Mason received his first set of earned badges at our last Cub Scout meeting! He was ecstatic! And I think it really showed him that hard work does pay-off. Nathan and I were so proud of him. He got the following:

Tigers Safe & Smart card & belt adventure loop
Backyard Jungle card & belt adventure loop
First Aid patch
Hiking patch

So glad to see that 4 mile hike paid off! More on that to come!!

And this weekend we are camping at a Boy Scout camp....in a TENT! This is going to be quite the adventure for us, but one that we are all looking forward to. Mason will get to do so many Boy Scouts activities and earn so many more badges!

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Also, our favorite pumpkin patch, Mainstay Farm featured us on their Facebook page!! We didn't see it until a friend tagged us in the post this week,

And that's a wrap on our week. I had a lot to share.
Happy weekend friends! Any plans?

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  1. I don't know where October went either. And my hubby is a bit of a Scrooge too and I can't decorate for Christmas until the day after thanksgiving. Where is their holiday love? Mason as Albert Einstein absolutely kills me. He looks so great. His school sounds likensoich fun with all the cool things the last few weeks. Can't wait to hear about camping this eeekend. :)

  2. Fun stuff! Zachary has a whole set of belt loops that won't fit onto his belt because he has so many others! Simon hasn't earned any yet though.

  3. Haha, November 1st rolls around and all the wives are like CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS and all of the husbands just groan! Hahahaha. We are going to start putting ours up next week, but we always wait to put up our main tree the day after Thanksgiving.

  4. I've been trying to find the Pumpkin Spice Burt's Bees & I cannot find it here & I am pretty upset about that, not gonna lie.

    I love Mason's Voter's Registration Card. So cute. :)

    Have a great weekend, Crystal!

  5. Well with weeks full of so much fun stuff it's no wonder October flew by!

  6. October was just a whole bunch of fun for the Halls. So, the concept days are genius. What a fun way to break up the routine of day to day work. I wonder if our schools do something like that. Happy weekend!

  7. Friday posts are always the hardest to put together for me! By Thursday I'm like, "I'm OUT!"
    I'm itching to get my Christmas decor up, too! We won't be home the Friday OR Saturday after Thanksgiving (when we traditionally decorate), so I want it up now!!
    I wish our election was as fun and simple as Fruit Loops!
    That Trunk or Treat looks like a blast. I wish we had something like that around us.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. October was so much fun and provided us with amazing memories. I have to admit though... I'm exhausted! I hope November is a bit easier on us!

  9. Concept days sound amazing! Way to make learning fun! And I'm with you on taking the decor down! First I need to get rid of the candy! And I did remove the obvious Jack o lanterns but I too have already started to shift my attention to Christmas. We don't have many plans this thanksgiving so I think I'll slowly do it starting that Wednesday.

  10. So much to love here. I am pulling for you to win the battle friend. I have my calendar marked to start decking our halls in two weeks... TWO WEEKS!!!!! I hope the camping trip was a blast. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  11. I asked to decorate for Christmas too and my husband said no. What a bummer! What a fun way to do trick or treating. I need to start thinking of teacher's gifts for Christmas!

  12. That voter registration card is adorable! But not as adorable as that last photo of the three of you...swooning!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!