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It's hard to believe this is our fourth link-up of "The Kids Behind the Blog"!! If you're new to this link-up you can find all the details here. I know I may be a just a bit biased, but this is seriously one of my favorite link-ups each month. It's so much fun to read what the kids have to say each time. Kids say the most hilarious things and are so predictable. It's my favorite!! I hope you'll join my co-hosts (Stephanie, Meghan, Jessica and Beth) & I and link-up with us.

May's Questions and Mason's Answers:

Q. What is Something I always say to you?
A. I love you sweet boy and be on green today {referring to school, good behavior}.

Q. What makes Mommy happy?
A. Me and Daddy and Diesel. And kissing me.

Q. How do I make you laugh?
A. By tickling me and being silly.

Q. What do you enjoy doing with me?
A. Going to the park and going camping.

Q. What is my favorite thing to do?
A. Take too many pictures and read to me.

June Questions {in honor of Father's Day!} - link-up goes live on June 8th.
What do you like doing with Daddy?
What was Daddy like as a little boy?
What is Daddy's favorite food?
What does Daddy do at work?
What is your favorite memory of Daddy?

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  1. Hahaha! Take too many pictures! Mac said something similar in his Mother's Day interview. They know us so well! ;)

  2. Take too many pictures! Haha! Can't wait for next month!

  3. Clearly tickling is a mom thing, so many sweet kiddos have said the same thing!

  4. Take too many pictures? Get used to it handsome little fella.

  5. Tickling and more tickling - love the answer that seem to be popular one this month. From the linkup!

  6. LOL take too many pictures, I'm surprised my kids didn't say that. Mason is just the cutest.

  7. Haha! Take too many pictures. Yep, you could say that about all of us moms! I know Mason would if he could, but instead he just gives me the side eye and I know I'm done for the day! lol

  8. What a sweet boy! Reading his answers just makes me think "she's doing something right!" Keep it up mama!

  9. I love that he said be on green! Ha ah!! Mason sure knows what will make momma happy! The honesty from babes. :)

  10. Take too many pictures, I love it! And I love the reminder to be on green! Mason is so sweet and u can't imagine him ever not being on green!

  11. Taking too many pictures made me laugh! So cute.

  12. "take too many pictures" lolllll #bloggerproblems
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  13. The take too many pictures part made me laugh! I'm certain my kids would say the same thing!

  14. Awe. Mason's answers were so sweet. And, "take too many pictures," is so funny!

  15. All of his answers were perfection! I especially love his answer to the last one, haha.

  16. The take too many pictures answer is my favorite. Mostly because he said too many. Lol! Such a sweet boy.

  17. The pictures answer is hilarious!! I always look at your blog and think I need to take more pictures! :) He is an absolute sweetheart!

  18. "taking too many pictures" = perfection!

  19. Take too many pictures, bahahaha!! Sweet boy! And camping sounds perfect right now!

  20. Take to many pictures, hahaha!! I always love all of his answers!


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