{April in Numbers}

It's hard to believe that it is already MAY! Where did April go? That is one month that flew by quick and left me wondering what we did that month because it sure did go by in a hurry. May is a good month and I am much looking forward to it. We will have Mason's birthday party, celebrate his 6th birthday, go on some camping trips and round out our Kindergarten year. Crazy! Linking up with Shoes to Shiraz to take a look at our month of April...in numbers.



The number of photos on my iPhone camera roll right now. And this was after a big purge. 

Of those were taken in the month of April. 


The number of GB those 2,302 photos are taking on my phone.


The number of photos posted to Instagram in April. 


The number of days left of school as of today.


The number of days missed from school this month. 3 were from having strep throat and 1 for bring your kid to work day and an eye doctor appointment. These are the only 4 days he has missed all year.


The number of days Mason was on green {good behavior} at school


The number of days Mason was on red {bad behavior} at school


.The number of Sundays we attended our new church. We missed one when Mase had strep.


.The number of Ranger wins/losses in April.


The amount of medical bills I paid in April from one friggin' ER visit and this is with insurance. Thankful for the coverage I do have, though. ;)


The number of times I hit the gym this month. So embarrassing!


The number of field trips Mason went on and I got to attend!


The number of items we checked off our Spring 2016 Bucketlist

How does your April look in numbers?


  1. I'm in the same boat with the gym! And I'm impressed how well you've been doing with your Spring Bucket List!!

  2. Yay for so many days on green!!! Way to go Mason!! I can't believe it's may too.

  3. I love these numbers posts! Yours is similar to mine, and I may use some of your ideas next month too! I wish my phone was big enough to hold so many photos! lol!

  4. What a great month! Especially how many times he was on Green! Woo hoo! You and I really are photo soul sisters :) I am thankful for you and making me feel normal in the amount of photos I take :)

  5. I get such a kick out of these numbers posts! Girl, we just got back our ER/hospital stay bill and it is atrocious, but so much was covered by insurance that it makes me sad for those who arent covered.

  6. I see these number posts pop up each month and I always say I want to do them! They're so fun! Maybe next month??
    We had TWO ER visits last month. Even with insurance our out of pocket was nuts!
    Your number of photos and GB looks a lot like my phone. HA!!

  7. I thought I had the biggest picture collection but you take the cake!

  8. You go girl on the blog posts! I've been totally slacking lately. I don't even want to check mine!
    And also my phone sounds similar to yours! Pretty sure I have over 2,000 on there now! Good thing I went with the large memory phone :)

  9. Dr. bills are the worst, right :(. What a crazy busy month friend. You have been so busy and got so much done even with some sickness. Love that you included the baseball stat in there too. I'll have to remember that one. I hope you have an excellent Wednesday!

  10. ER bills drive me crazy! Henry went once earlier this year and they barely looked at him and we still had a huge bill! Hope you have a better month of health this month, friend!

  11. Thanks for linking up! I'm reading this as the Rangers are playing the Jays, yay for baseball! Holy pictures!

  12. That's a lot of things crossed off your bucket list! Awesome! And man, that is a LOT of photos on your phone, I thought my 300ish needed to be cleared off, lol.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!