{Weekend Wrap-up // Birthday lunch}

Happy Monday!

We had a really great weekend and I am sad to see it go. It was the perfect mix of resting and playing. Friday was all about resting and being lazy since Nathan and I were both still not feeling 100%. Nathan actually ran fever on Friday. We grabbed a late supper and just relaxed at home.

Saturday was a day of celebrating our sweet boy! Nate's parents wanted to take him to lunch since his birthday falls on Wednesday this week. Mason loves Babe's so we took him to the one that my cousin works at. Her location is close to Nate's Grandma so we were able to pick her up as well. It was a really nice time. Mason got to wear a funky chicken hat and beak and flap around like a chicken while the waitresses sang happy birthday to him. He was precious!

This Babe's location is in an old {but revived} part of downtown Arlington right next to a still operating Opry-style theater. It's so neat! Another part I love about this location is the turquoise Babes bus they have parked out front! Mason and I went to check it out and take some pictures!!!


I need a turquoise bus in my life!

After lunch we went back to Nate's parents for Mason to open gifts. He was totally spoiled with a Batman mask that converts your voice to Batman's, a Batman action figure set, Batman gloves, a Batman towel, a Batman book, a Batman pocket knife, swim trunks and a rash guard, and an outfit. I think there was more, but that is what I remember.


So much fun!!

That evening we ate supper and went to Academy to get Mason some new tennis shoes. Then back home to get ready for church the next day.

Sunday was church and my brother in law joined us! It was so nice to introduce him to our church family and to have him in service. After church we came home and ate lunch and then Nate was off to mow. Mason hopped in his little truck and went to his Nana's saying, "bye mom, see you later, I love you". I got a little glimpse of my future and I don't think I liked it. I just pray that when he's 16 and hopping in his truck to leave that it's to go to his Nana's still. One can pray.

While the boys were gone I played on snapchat cleaned the inside of the house and did laundry for a couple of hours.

But, then I started missing my boy and walked over to get him, He held my hand as he drove back on his little truck and melted me. Just before he took off to play with the neighbor girl. sigh. {you can see the whole thing on my snapchat story!} They drove their little power wheels, played on scooters and watched the crop-duster fly over our house.


Then Nate, Mason and I loaded up and went fishing {more on this later}. We had such a great time.

How was your weekend? I hope it was a beautiful one!


  1. Your pictures are just beautiful! Happy Birthday Mason!

  2. What a lucky little dude! I don't think there is any shortage of Batman stuff at your house! ;)

  3. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! I love all the pictures you took! XOXO

  4. I think Mason likes batman huh?!? What a fun and busy weekend. We've been having a low key Monday because of a fever too... No fun huh!?! I just hope I don't get sick too!

  5. First of all, I think Joe would probably steal that Batman mask if Ez got anything similar, and second I'm pretty sure Ez would consider Mason driving his very own truck around with a crop duster flying overhead to be the absolute very best of days. Like he'd probably short circuit from excitement. Sounds like a perfect weekend :)

  6. That is one handsome little dude you have there Crystal. I am always amazed at how big he looks. Goodness! That turquoise bus is so awesome!! I need one in my life too. It's would be a super cool playhouse. I love that Mason held your hand and how fun those "cars" are. :) Pretty great weekend!

  7. What a great weekend. Sorry you guys have been fighting the ickies. That just shouldn't happen in May! "I need a turquoise bus in my life" lol! I think I do too. So if you happen to find a couple, let me know!

  8. Looks like a fun dinner and I love that bus! I bet Mason is thrilled with all of his new Batman stuff!

  9. I was cracking up over that Batman mask! Such a fun night with family!

  10. What a perfectly awesome weekend. I see that Mason is all boy. Connor, too. I'm chest deep in everything heroes and things that go.

  11. Aww, it looks like last weekend was wonderful. I hope that this weekend is just as wonderful. It looks like Mason had a wonderful birthday. I love the Batman mask! That turquoise bus is to die for! It's so pretty and the pictures around it turned out so bright and colorful. I want to come take pictures by it!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!