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Happy Friday friends!! This week was a doozy! Mason and I were suffering from allergies and Nate ended up with a sinus infection. I love, love, love a change of season, but always forget what it does to our sinus' & allergies. Whew! I do have to say, I am much enjoying the cooler weather though. It's finally starting to feel like fall in Texas. I love it. I am so ready to pull out all of our Christmas decorations. The only thing holding me back is that I want a real Christmas tree. And, well, those don't come out until after Thanksgiving. I may start with the decorations, though.

Time for Five on Friday. And if I am being honest....all posts this week were drafts I had sitting in my blogger. I've been too busy drafting Christmas related posts! {#cantstopwontstop}. I just felt like it may be a tad too early to post them, though. Buuuuuuuuuttttt, we go on the Polar Express the 21st and after that I think it's fair game. I'm just so excited and ready for the season.

{O N E}

In case you missed...posts from this week.

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{T W O}

These two boys have gotten to spend a lot of time together lately. They will proudly tell anyone and everyone around them that they have been friends since they were just 1 years old. It's so cute. They call each other cousins at times and then at other times they are brothers that live in different houses. I love it. And of course they bicker like siblings too. But, I am so thankful for both of them. And for their friendship. And I pray that when they are 18 or order they will still be friends and that they will still proudly tell of their lifelong friendship.

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{T H R E E}

Timehop killed me this week. I mean....

 photo A05_zpsqx0y0yap.jpg  photo A07_zps9kfgtnxm.jpg  photo A06_zpss2f7vght.jpg

Between sweet little baby Mason and one of my best friends having a baby this week I have baby fever like crazy. PS - why do they have to grow so dang fast?

{F O U R}

Speaking of this sweet boy...he brought me home a rock from school this week. He said it looked like a heart and that it reminded him of me. So he put it in his pocket to bring to me. Oh, I melted. So blessed to be his mama. And what I think I loved most about this is that it's not even a perfectly shaped heart, but he saw it as a heart nonetheless.

 photo A01_zpsmwx8rfi8.jpg

{F I V E}

This! I will be making this soon. I think it would look adorable on our front porch. I can't wait.

 photo A02_zpsu8bgz0fy.png

That's all I've got. How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


  1. a pallet tree, how pretty! So sweet about the heart rock. And, lifelong friends? you can't beat that!

  2. That heart rock... I melt! I would keep it FOREVER!

  3. Love that pallet tree. And the heart rock? I'm dying. Yep, just died. So sweet!

    Our artificial tree is up already. Not decorated, but it's up & so are the red & green totes. #noshame

  4. The cousin thing, so cute!! I want to put up Christmas too!! Must wait. Have a great weekend!!!

  5. They look like twins!! So cute! That tree is amazing! xo

  6. The rock, oh melt my heart. I'm sappy so I probably would've cried
    That tree is awesome!!!!

  7. That pallet is AMAZING!!! I feel like its totally up your alley!

  8. I saw that post on IG too and I LOVE it so very much. I might just make one myself when I get to feeling better and figure out a spot for it.

    Time Hop and I have a love/hate relationship with each other. Love that those boys have been friends so long. Such sweet memories for when they are older.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!