{He said what?! // Things Mason says}

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Documenting the things Mason says over the years has been one of my most favorite things ever. I love to go back and read all of the hilarious antics of this witty child. He never fails to make us laugh. He is always so quick to reply with something so funny we laugh until our sides hurt or so dang smart that we just sit there for a second with our jaws dropped until we can process what he has said. Conversation with Mason is always interesting and always fun.

So, for another edition of says...

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:: Hey Dad, I have an idea...let's me and you paint the house, okay? - {I have a feeling he will not be offering this when he's 16.}

:: {Talking about his stuffed Monkey that a sweet cast member at Disney gave him} - Mama, that was so kind of her. She must love Jesus.

:: {Mason has had some rough days at school and got grounded from his electronics - mainly  his iPad...after school he asked me if he could sit on the couch and watch tv. I agreed...}

Oh Mama are you giving me grace?

:: Hey Mama does mama dogs lay eggs and that's how baby puppies are born?

:: Guess what Mama? I finally got to the point where I can tell my teacher I love her.

:: Mama there is no A in ketchup, right? So why do some people say catch-up instead of ketchup?

:: {We were taking the backroads to school one morning and on this road there are no less than 15 dogs that just roam and run out in front of you. This particular day was worse than normal with dogs just laying in the middle of the road and not moving for anything. Mason says...
Mom, I know this road may be difficult, but you should be happy in your heart that these dogs get to get out of their house for a little bit.

:: Mama I know how to spell dynamite!
You do?
Yep, T-N-T

:: {I was asking Mason what shoes he wanted to wear for his school pictures at school the next day...}
Wait, I have pictures tomorrow? Can I wear my tuxedo?

And some of my favorite past Mason quotes from the good ol Timehop' app....

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And just because this one melts me completely.

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  1. I live this...He has some deep thoughts! And that baby pic is so stinking cute!!!

  2. Hands down my favorite posts to read are what kids say! So much innocence and truth.

  3. Oh my lands, I love this! Kids say the cutest things!!

  4. My goodness, this boy is wise beyond his years! I just love his little sayings!

  5. Oh when I saw your post title I was like , yes!!!! Mason is so funny and smart.

  6. Oh my, so many good ones! May favorite may be the teacher comment what a cutie.

  7. I can't even. He has the wittiest personality ever!

  8. Oh I love these posts and this reminds me I'm long over due for one! My favs are the paint the house and the tuxedo for pictures! He's got so much personality I love it!

  9. Awww, he'll always be your baby. That's the sweetest. He's so smart and sweet and funny. And that throwback pic?? Oh my gosh, I love bundled up babies. Cutest thing ever!


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