{Bucketlist Update // Nature Scavenger Hunt}

Mason and I checked another item off of our 2015 Fall Bucketlist - a Nature Scavenger Hunt!! We went to our favorite local park one week day after school. We found most of the items on our list and had so much fun. At one point we were on a walking trail and he says, "You're the best mom in the world" and completely melted me! I think that was a good sign he was enjoying our scavenger hunt.

I am so upset and disappointed...my camera went wonky and most of these pictures are so fuzzy! Bummer. But, at least we have all of the fun memories we made that day!

 photo 8_zpszhofzrya.jpg  photo 9_zpsu8aqsyj2.jpg  photo 10_zpsu8vj15yt.jpg  photo 11_zpsgkxyq4vi.jpg  photo 12_zpsbf5pw1gx.jpg  photo 13_zpscjigbuzd.jpg  photo 14_zpsvoswefh7.jpg  photo 15_zpsw4puc2nh.jpg  photo 16_zpsu05jxzqf.jpg  photo 17_zpsnixcg4cb.jpg  photo 18_zpscc5dvdhx.jpg  photo 19_zpsyrnyte1b.jpg  photo 22_zpsy7imcar5.jpg  photo 23_zpskzv9m79f.jpg  photo 30_zps1ocfzuf1.jpg  photo 34_zps4j8yu3ow.jpg  photo 39_zpsnoaef4t2.jpg  photo 38_zpswmko8irx.jpg

 photo nature-done_zpsvz4jznc5.jpg

There was not one pinecone or flower to be had in this whole park! And honestly, we didn't look too hard for animal tracks. ha. We had a blast, though! And then we played at the park afterwards.

2015 Fall Bucketlist Update {those that have been done have been updated with the link to the post}:

decorate the porch ü
make fall crafts ü
take Mason on a nature scavenger hunt ü
buy pumpkins ü
have a Halloween movie night {most likely Hocus Pocus} with themed foods ü
find Mase Halloween pajamas ü
go to Mainstay Farms/Pumpkin patch ü
go to Round Top, TX for Texas Antiques weekend ü
go on a hayride ü
go to the Texas State Fair ü
take Mason trick or treating ü
Boo a friend ü
bake Halloween cookies ü
go to a football game ü
nacho bar for a football game watching night ü

To Do:
make s'mores or the s'mores dip
make a fall wreath
go geocaching around our town
decorate & carve pumpkins
make a thankful jar with Mason
take Fall pictures
have a playdate with friends
go to the zoo
go camping in a tent
stay in a cabin somewhere
follow a Fall photo project
buy a few 'fall' wardrobe staples
visit the Farmer's Market
roast marshmallows


  1. What a fun day and what a sweet compliment! That's definitely a heart melting moment :) Despite the camera issues all these photos turned out beautiful!

  2. So much fun! I love the pictures! Can't even tell you had camera trouble!

  3. Crazy how there weren't any pine cones or flowers! But what a fun outing nonetheless!

  4. Well, the pictures you did get were lovely! Kinsey's been in a big scavenger hunt kick lately and it ranges from finding acorns to toys lol.

  5. From my phone the pictures look amazing!!!! So much fun! I would have melted into a puddle at the park if my kid said that to me

  6. What a beautiful afternoon! I have yet to do a scavenger hunt with Liam... Perhaps this week before we have snow on the ground.

  7. What a gorgeous place to go on a nature scavenger hunt! Sounds like he really enjoyed himself and looking for all the items on the list!

  8. What a fun activity! Your park is beautiful and looks to me like your camera did a pretty great job!! Mason looks like he had a lot of fun and that's what really matters. We might have to try this out ourselves one day soon!

  9. What a great list. Love that he took the scooter along too. Nature hunts have always been a favorite of ours. Especially when we take a bag along to collect our goodies in.

  10. Scavenger hunts make for a fabulous way to spend the afternoon outdoors, with an agenda.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!