{Five on Friday // Transportation Parade // 50th Day of Kinder}

Happy finally Friday!! It's been a long week. Not a bad one, just a long one. I think it's because we've been home so much this week. Rare for us. The only time I got out {I work at home} was to take and pick up Mason from school. That's always a nice little break in my day. And, I cooked supper every night so we didn't get out in the evenings. At any rate, I am happy that it's Friday. We love our "S" {as Mason calls them} days around here. No work, no school, sleeping in a bit and lots of family time. The only thing we have planned is to take Diesel to his haircut appt at 10am on Saturday.

Time for Five on Friday, per the usual. :)

{O N E}

Posts from this week - in case you missed it.

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Tuesday I posted about the Nature Scavenger Hunt that Mason and I did together
Wednesday was all about the Fall wreath I made
Thursday I shared the Thankful jar we made

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{T W O}

Mason haD a transportation parade today at school. When we asked Mason what he wanted to make his first answer was a rocket ship. We weren't exactly sure if that was allowed so Nate emailed Mason's teacher. Her answer was "anything goes". Honestly, we were surprised that he chose that. We were definitely thinking either a monster truck or a police car or something of the like. A rocket ship never crossed our minds. He said he chose that because his dad builds rocket ships at his job. ha. We started thinking up ways we could build a rocket ship and then he changed his mind....

 photo 2_zpsfs8dbrpn.jpg  photo 3_zpsu3gzr7yi.jpg

...to a jet-pack. Nathan originally started crafting Mason's jet-pack from a couple of two-liter bottles, but apparently wasn't real happy with it. He went to Home Depot for paint and came home with almost $50 worth of supplies to make this contraption. Pretty cool, eh?

{T H R E E}

Tuesday was the 50th day of school. My little Kindergartener is FIFTY days smarter!! And boy do we believe it. We joke all the time that we have no clue what we are going to do with this child when he is ten because he's only five now and too dang smart for his own good.

 photo 1_zpsvlaundkl.jpg

{F O U R}

This little nugget gets a haircut tomorrow. He's way overdue.

 photo 1_zpsycg1uagx.jpg

{F I V E}

That's all I've got! Happy Weekend everyone!! Have a great one.


  1. Love Mason's transportation costume!

  2. I love being able to stay home a couple days out of the week. We usually lay low on Monday and Friday. We need to prep for the weekend and then recoop.

  3. I'm in love with his jet pack! Noah is in a major rocket ship phase (which is why he was an astronaut for Halloween). He would love this! Too bad his parents aren't handier!

  4. What a fun parade! I love his rocket ship; I could totally see Sean making something like that!

  5. What a fun parade! I've never heard of a transportation parade before but he sure looks happy with that jet pack on!

  6. That jet pack is legit! I bet he was envied by all of the little boys and now he has something that won't break in a day! You seem to be in a GREAT school, such a blessing.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!