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This past Sunday Nathan took Mason to the Ranger game and they had the best time. It was a 2:05 game, but they left early so that they had plenty of play time. Nathan planned on grabbing them lunch and then taking him to the kidzone area at the ballpark to play. They had planned on grabbing Subway {which is right across the street from the ballpark} and in the same parking lot they were having a Fireman challenged. They got to watch that for a while before grabbing their lunch and venturing over to the ballpark. 

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Nate took Mason to the kidzone area as soon as they got in. Mason had a blast! Then Nate treated him to ice cream and cotton candy and they watched a few innings of the game before they headed back over to kidzone. 

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It fills my heart with so much joy that they got this time together. Sure I was lost without them...but I couldn't have been more happier either. Mason and I get a lot of one on one time due to Nate's work schedule and location. So anytime they get some times to themselves just makes me smile from the inside out. 

And Nate told us that it has always been a dream of his to take his son to Ranger game some day. 

I melt. Completely. 

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! Seriously the SWEETEST! We've taken Mason to a couple Angels games which I know Seth LOVES but I know he is going to be even more excited to take Mason just one on one. Even though I know he would have been perfectly happy (and excited) to have a girl, I think a boy made all his dreams come true! And while I would have loved to have a girl to have mommy/daughter time, seeing them together just fills my heart and I can't imagine our life any other way! I hope they get to go to MANY more Ranger games together!

  2. Those are some sweet boys you have there! I love when Luke takes Cash with him, even if it is just on the riding lawn mower. Watching the relationship between a Daddy & son is so special!

  3. So much fun to see him get to fulfill one of his dads dreams. Something neither one of them will ever forget.


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