{DIY pallet coffee table // minus the pallets}

DIY Pallet Table - Hall Around Texas
This past weekend Nathan and I spent our Saturday out in the shop DIY'ing our pallet table {minus the pallets...but I will get to that later}. I have had this picture of this table saved in my phone in a little "do this" folder for a year or more. I know it's been there through my iPhone 5, then 5s, and now my 6. So maybe even more than a year. Anyhow...this weekend we made it happen. This was our inspiration.

Beautiful, right??

We have several pallets left over from when we got a new roof put on our house and so we set out to recreate this table. We found two pallets that were in okay shape and most alike in shape and size. We carried them to the shop only to realize we didn't like them one bit. There was at least 1 board on each pallet that was warped, the table was going to be really short, we wouldn't be able to put anything on the table {kind of defeats the purpose} and we just didn't like the look of it.

So, we made our DIY pallet coffee table without pallets.

Nathan had several 2x6 boards in the shop so we used those to create our bottom and all of the sides and the middles. We decided that a 3x3 foot table would be perfect in the space we were putting it...so we cut 6 of the 2x6 boards into 36 inches each. We laid out those 6 and nailed them together to create the bottom of the table.Then we used the same size boards to make the sides and the middle piece.

We only did a light sanding on some parts of the boards because we were using a chalk paint {this one}. We wanted the wood to show through and for it to look "rustic".

We decided to use 1x6 boards for the middle layer and the top layer, but we didn't have any so we had to go to Home Depot to grab those. And we let them cut the boards for us to save a little time. :) Since the boards were new we dabbed them with gray spray paint to age them a bit. It worked great and matched the old wood we used for the other parts perfectly!

For the wheels on the bottom I bought these from Amazon. They're okay. I expected them to be bigger. I jumped the gun and bought them because they "looked" like the right ones. Lesson learned. I'm on the hunt for some bigger wheels and replace these when we find them.

And here is our DIY pallet coffee table {without pallets}...

I am so in love with it. It's better than I could have ever imagined us DIY'ing!! And I love how it looks in my living room.

My favorite part of this whole DIY'ing thing is the time I get to spend with my boys. It's been plum awesome!!!

Have you DIY'ed anything lately? I'd love to see!


  1. Wow you guys built a table from scratch?? I'm pretty sure I would've given up once I realized the pallets were warped. It turned out great. Love the distressed look. And it's perfect for storing coffee table books, magazines, photo albums...all kinds of stuff! Now I want one ;)

  2. Wow! That table is amazing and incredibly creative! I am so impressed.

  3. This turned out amazing! I adore the finish on it, so rustic and perfect!

  4. That is super impressive! I love the way your table turned out. DIYing with pallets is so fun. Now if only I had the tools! I will have to file this one away for when I do.

  5. I LOVE it, Crystal!!! It turned out so great. I like to put some of my favorite magazines on our center table (most of them are Country Living), and then Target, Home Goods & Hobby Lobby have great nicknacks! My fave candles right now are from Good Word Candles - mine is currently sitting on our table :) https://www.etsy.com/shop/goodwordcandles

  6. It looks great! Could you come over and make one for me? ;) And I love the shots that have foreman Mason supervising from his truck, he's so adorable. :)

  7. Looks great! You guys are rocking the DIY projects!

  8. Oh my goodness that looks FANTSTIC! Hooray, job well done.

  9. I think it looks better than the inspiration photo even! The height is great. And I just noticed your new header, so pretty!

  10. This looks so lovely! Hard to tell you even DIY'ed it. :)

    Kelsey | www.abalancingpeach.com

  11. I agree with Whitney - I love yours better than your inspiration pic!!
    You two have been killing it in the DIY department lately!
    I'm also insanely jealous you have a shop, and enough land to have a shop on it.

  12. I love this!! We have wanted to do a few crafts with pallets but aren't sure where to get them. Glad you improvised here and hopefully once we are out of our apartment and in a house with a garage a few more bigger DIY projects will take share.

  13. Umm seriously AMAZING!!!! Your husband is so handy! I can't believe he built that table! It looks awesome!!!


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