{Another snow day in Texas}

Texas weather is so wild this year! It's March and almost Spring Break and we are getting inches of snow. Just crazaay! The only good part about this snow storm is that we have sunshine! We haven't seen the sun in over a week. Oh how I missed it.

Anyhow, warning, lots of pictures below from our day today.

 photo 1_zpsinnja6eh.jpg
 photo 22_zpsdni4bcr6.jpg
 photo 7_zpsz6g84pha.jpg
 photo 8_zpsy4cvg0bc.jpg
 photo 5_zpskjthezb6.jpg
 photo 6_zpstblweeq7.jpg
 photo 4_zpssqzmplaa.jpg
 photo 3_zpscb3xpntr.jpg
 photo 2_zpsowqx4omx.jpg
 photo 1_zpswnewq5hl.jpg
 photo 11_zpsstezyycz.jpg
 photo 10_zpsf1i5lay9.jpg
 photo 9_zpsz5torgbl.jpg
 photo 12_zpsylb8te0e.jpg
 photo 20_zpsku3jrp0b.jpg
 photo 19_zpsdwty7nnv.jpg
 photo 18_zpsz4dcogsd.jpg
 photo 16_zpsicnrob53.jpg
 photo 15_zpsjzls5kcc.jpg
 photo 15_zpsjzls5kcc.jpg
 photo 22_zpsguqnvpxz.jpg
 photo 30_zpsyw6rmzii.jpg
 photo 28_zps1hokozh5.jpg
 photo 23_zpsmnq0kmpy.jpg
 photo 25_zpsjewikxnm.jpg
 photo 31_zps66ixu64e.jpg
 photo 31_zps66ixu64e.jpg

It's pretty and we had fun, but I am hoping the sunshine is here to stay!!

Is it snowing where you are?

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  1. Boy I hear you we had more snow yesterday. It is melting as we speak and warm weather is in the forecast. I am SO ready. Love all of you pics :).

  2. I am so ready for spring! Bring on the sun and warm days that Cora can be outside burning off energy! I do look forward to Cora being able to play in snow though. Right now she just sits in it and touches it. I'm over it so I made sure she didn't see that it had snowed she wouldn't want to go out in it lol

  3. Your snow is so pretty! And, how fun that you were able to get some sunshine and enjoy the outdoors. Love that you could pull out the "truck" to drive around.
    Definitely not snowing here. We'll be pushing 80* tomorrow. And oddly, I wish we were having rain, or snow, or something!

  4. Love the pictures fran. Looks like y'all had loads of fun. But please oh please sun come out

  5. There is just something about pictures in the snow. They are always so amazing looking! Can't believe how much snow yall have gotten this year!

  6. It's snowing here as well! I can't complain though, our winter has been great. Snowstorms one week and then the temps will be in the 70s the next! Although in Colorado we can definitely still be getting snow in May so I might be complaining by then!


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