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Linking up with Emily for A Grateful Heart

Lately I am feeling so very grateful for my sweet, sweet husband! He's the most amazing man I have ever met and makes me the happiest person in the world. Almost 19 years later and he still makes my heart flutter and I get butterflies when I hear his voice. Seriously! It's so much fun doing life with your best friend. He just makes my heart so darn happy.

Not that I had any doubts at all, but Nathan has been so supportive of my "gettin' fit" journey and has even joined me. Just last week he went to Zumba with me...just because he knows how much I love it and wanted to do it with me. Goodness, I love him! He praises me and acknowledges each little milestone that I hit. He keeps me motivated. 

And not only is he the most awesome husband in the world, he total rocks the Dad thing, too. He plays with Mason countless hours, teaches him all the boy stuff, and is so affectionate with him. I just adore their relationship!

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So today {and everyday} I am Grateful for my husband.

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. :) Meg's GH post was about her husband too and I have to say, I love reading these posts! Clearly your hubby adores you, Crystal!! As he should!! ;) I love how sweet he is to you!


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