{First Tball practice of Spring 2015}

Last week we had our first Spring Tball practice!! It went pretty well for the most part. I will say that going from Blast Ball to T-ball is a pretty big step. For the last 3 Blastball seasons we've had anywhere from 5-7 kids on a team and this year we have twelve! Twelve! It's amazing and crazy all at the same time. We joke and say that it's like herding cats. But for real. 

In Blastball they didn't play positions, only ran to first base and games were 20 minutes long {Just enough for each team to bat once, maybe twice if they moved fast}. Well, we've moved up to the big leagues. ha. They play positions, run all bases, have to make actual outs, and games are 50 minutes and some nights they have a double header. Whaaaaa? It's crazy to me that they schedule double headers on week nights for kids 5 and under! This should be interesting.

Anyhow, the kids did great, got muddy and had fun. I think that's what counts, right? :)

 photo 6_zpsdgm2q4qp.jpg
 photo 5_zpsuywd7x1z.jpg
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 photo 14_zpsycfm9vuj.jpg
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 photo 12_zps5u3kkdmz.jpg
 photo 11_zpsn1oytl5q.jpg

Cute pictures of Mason, huh? He looks excited and ready to practice, right? Well, don't let these pictures fool you. He participated the first 30 minutes or so of practice. And by participated I mean that Nate and other coaches had to tell him a gazillion times "Mason, put your bat down we don't need it right now", "Mason, you don't need a drink right now", "Mason, over here dude". Seriously. Total coaches son that thinks he can get away with anything. Oy vey!

At least he's cute! ha. Joking....it's a constant work with his behavior.

Is your kid(s) playing sports this season?

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  1. We don't have Baby Fox in sports yet, I asked him if he wanted to do anything and he said no. So maybe next year. We do practice stuff in the backyard, so at least there's that.

  2. Aww! How exciting! But seriously, double headers?! That's crazy. I can't even handle when Luke has a double header for bar league softball. lol!

  3. Oh how fun! He looks so adorable!!

  4. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait until we are into organized sports.
    It's funny how tiny they all look out in that big open field! Can't wait to hear more about the season.

  5. Oh my gosh! How fun!! This is like my dream with my Mason. Ever since we found out we were having a boy, I know Seth has dreamed of this day. He was over the moon when we found out Mason was a lefty and now has these dreams of him being a left handed pitcher for the Angels LOL. I don't know if that will happen but I can't wait for him to start TBall one day!

  6. This seriously looks so fun! I can't wait for organized sports! I know they have some younger leagues in some areas but not by us until 4.... so another year and they we can look at socceer or softball or soemthing fun! He looks so grown up out there!

  7. We are going to wait until Winston is around 4 or so to put him into sports - and it will more than likely be soccer since that's what his Daddy played. We are thinking about signing him up for a gymnastics class this summer but I'm still debating if that's something I'll regret when he's jumping off of the furniture! :) Mason looks adorable - wishing y'all a great season!

  8. When I lived in Austin, I was always taken aback by how early baseball started but then I endured my first summer and it all made so much sense.
    Mason looks so big, filled with pride for the game!


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