{Winter Bucketlist // Take Family Pictures}

One of the most important things on my list this Winter was to take family photos! You see...trying to take pictures with two boys that would rather do anything in the world than taking pictures raises quite the challenge. But, one afternoon we were all off work & school and my brother in law was available to snap a few pictures with our camera and my boys didn't put up a fight! It was actually pretty easy...and we were done in less than 10 minutes. That's a win in my book!!! And my one goal was to get a Christmas card photo and that we did! 

 photo 12-familypictures_zps57492e26.png

 photo 6_zpsebaa5756.jpg
 photo 4_zps4d200823.jpg
 photo 10_zpsae660a43.jpg
 photo 8_zps0724f524.jpg
 photo 21_zps8d726e95.jpg
 photo 1_zps7a89336a.jpg
 photo 24_zpsb2e0657f.jpg
 photo A2_PM_zps22a0f507.jpg
 photo 30_zps602b2630.jpg
 photo A8_PM_zpsda735c2f.jpg
 photo 39_zpsf72c91b3.jpg
 photo 43_zps4df1ceb8.jpg
 photo 45_zps9f8bd1ca.jpg
 photo 47_zps2ec6b20b.jpg
 photo 48_zps6e9e8c32.jpg
 photo 49_zpsbdb9160f.jpg
 photo 57_zpsba2d6e7d.jpg

Updated bucket list

+ take family photos
+ deck the halls
+ visit santa @ bass pro shop
+ visit the Christmas tree farm
+ go to the tree lighting event at our town square
+ make mason's Christmas list
+ bake cookies (& leave some for santa)
+ make ornaments & Christmas crafts
+ watch the Santa video for Mason
+ make a gingerbread house
+ order our Christmas cards
+ trim the tree
+ go to breakfast with Santa @ Church
+ take the traditional Christmas light picture of mason
+ pick out our yearly ornament for the tree
+ go to the polar express
+ have a pajama/movie night
+ go to Bethlehem revisited
+ put Christmas lights on the house
+ watch the marathon of The Christmas Story on Christmas Eve
+ go to an ugly Christmas sweater party
+ go to prairie lights 

Have you had family pictures taken recently?

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  1. Loooooove the pictures! These turned out PERFECTLY!! Cutest family ever!

  2. love these picture they are awesome and the location is perfect

  3. adorable pictures!! I totally know what it's like to have boys who do not want to take pictures! lol!! :)

  4. Adorable! These came out great. Love the forest setting and Mason's plaid shirt. Too cute :)

  5. I love the scenery you have in your photos. Fall here is not quite like Fall in Ohio but it looks like you have a pretty falllike Autumn. That's not the case here in ATX.

  6. What a seriously gorgeous place to take photos! I'm usually the one behind the camera so it's nice when I actually have an excuse to get IN the pictures. I love the plaid and your leopard print scarf. Frame worthy pics for sure!

  7. Your son is photogenic. Great Christmas Pics. I love the candids.

  8. You guys are SO ADORABLE. I just love all your pictures. Mason in that fanned, jeans, and chucks... I die. I'm having flash forwards to my Mason at that age and I want him to be just as adorable as yours!

  9. LOVE the pictures! They are so precious! Love the setting too!

  10. LOVE! Your bucket list is really coming along!!!

  11. What a sweet little face! And you & Nate are pretty cute too! Love the location. Ate those rr tracks? I want to do pics with some one day!

  12. Loooove these pictures! 10 minutes....you lucky duck!


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