{Winter Bucketlist // make ornaments and crafts}

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Mason and I have made a couple different varieties of ornaments so far this year. First, we made Rudolfs using popsicle sticks, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and crafting balls {and a hot glue gun}. We kept one for our tree and gave some to the Grandparents. 

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And, it has become a yearly tradition for Mason and I to make salt dough ornaments. I like to let him do as much of it on his own. He loves to roll the dough with the roller and of course paint them! In true Mason fashion he wanted to paint every single one of them green! And mine were different shades of turquoise {of course}. We added gold glitter to them this time!

The recipe we used - 

Salt Dough Ornament Recipe 

1 cup of salt
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of water {add in gradually}

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As far as crafts go...we have made a few. Mason found a huge snowman and gingerbread foam craft at the dollar tree where you basically just stick the stickers on it. So, we did those and they came out cute. He also made a Santa door hanger with his Daddy. And then I found one of Mason's trucks and added a Christmas tree to it. I also found some old mattress springs when were Canton and made Christmas trees out of them. And I made a Santa wreath.

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Updated bucket list

+ take family photos
+ deck the halls
+ visit santa @ bass pro shop
+ visit the Christmas tree farm
+ go to the tree lighting event at our town square
+ make mason's Christmas list
+ bake cookies (& leave some for santa)
+ make ornaments & Christmas crafts
+ watch the Santa video for Mason
+ make a gingerbread house
+ order our Christmas cards
+ trim the tree
+ go to breakfast with Santa @ Church
+ take the traditional Christmas light picture of mason
+ pick out our yearly ornament for the tree
+ go to the polar express
+ have a pajama/movie night
+ go to Bethlehem revisited
+ put Christmas lights on the house
+ watch the marathon of The Christmas Story on Christmas Eve
+ go to an ugly Christmas sweater party
+ go to prairie lights  

Have you made any ornaments or crafts this holiday season? Leave me a link, I'd love to see!

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  1. Withe very update you post, I'm quickly reminded that we haven't done a single thing on our Christmas Bucket list. Oh boy! I need to get to work... like yesterday!

  2. You guys have done so much fun and crafty projects already! Everything turned out so cute :)

    I'm hoping to make some handprint ornaments post-nap today. Fingers crossed they turn out! I've never tried them before.

  3. So much fun I just love seeing little boys being crafty with their mama's!

  4. We did salt dough the other day but failed =( I failed anyways. They are all cracking. I think I made them too thick. I wanted to do handprints, so it said to keep them on the thicker side so that there was enough to make an imprint in...but they must be too thick. I got a whole three out of a dozen..oh well. Next year we are doing the roll and cut and paint route! I can't wait to do some more crafts that Aria can really get into in years to come - like the reindeer! and candy canes with beads! etc. So fun!

  5. Oh my goodness, you've made some adorable things! The handmade/home made Christmas ornaments are always my favorite!

  6. These are all so cute! Great ideas! :) We have made a few crafts and are about to start doing some baking! :)

  7. What a fun little idea. I love they way they ornaments look on your tree!!!

  8. These are so cute each year I always say I'm going to be more creative but never do. I need to get on it lol
    I know these ornaments are going to be priceless for years to come

  9. Look at you mama! Rockin and rolling on that bucket list :) Love all of these crafts esp the ornament idea. I am all Christmas decorating-out, but will keep this in mind for next year...or maybe a DIY for Marli's upcoming 2nd birthday.

  10. Such great memories being made while doing activities like this! I remember making ornaments similar to these when I was little. So much fun.

  11. I love your crafts!!! I especially love that reindeer. I need to make one with Mason next year! Hopefully he will sit still long enough to do it! :)


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