{How to keep the magic in Christmas for littles}

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Keeping the magic in Christmas is very important to Nathan and I with Mason. There is nothing like seeing the holidays through the eyes of your child(ren)...especially when they are filled with so much wonder. Below are the ways that we keep the magic in Christmas for Mason...as well as some others.

1.) Make a personalized video from Santa and add as many pictures and personal details that you can. We use Portable North Pole {link} to make ours. 

2.) Take them to see Santa

3.) Let them write a letter to Santa and mail it. Write a letter back to the child. There are tons of free letterhead on Pinterest {here, here, here}.

4.) If you do not have a chimney {we do not} make a special key for Santa to be able to get in. Example {here

5.) Put Santa in your photo. We use Santa was in my house {link}. There are also apps on Apple for this.

6.) Grow a candy cane. Plant a peppermint, come back later to see a candy cane has grown. 

7.) Let them watch the live Reindeer camera. {link} There are also apps on Apple for this.

8.) Let them watch the Santa Tracker {link}. 

9.) Make magic Reindeer Food {oats & glitter} to put out in the yard on Christmas Eve to guide the Reindeer to your home.

10.) On Christmas Eve take bites out of the cookies and the carrots and leave a thank you note from Santa.

11.) Use flour and a pair of boots to leave Santa's footprints in the house.

12.) Elf on the Shelf - we do not currently do this, but it's all the craze.

13.) Watch Christmas movies that prove that Santa is real.

14.) Drop a bell in the yard and tell them it fell off Santa's sleigh.

15.) Sprinkle glitter around the tree on Christmas Eve to show that Santa was there.

What do you do to keep the magic in Christmas for your littles?

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  1. This is wonderful! I love all these ideas. They are very creative as well. Christmas time has always been my favorite time of year and I truly believe it is because my parents made it so special growing up. :)

  2. This is SO thoughtful and perfect! We have our little nieces who are 1 and 3 years old this Christmas and we have been planning on a few little things like this to make it magical for them! I totally just made a personalized Santa video for our little 3 yr old niece Raelyn to watch tonight - thank you for the link!!! :) Have a great week! xoxo

  3. I try to keep the magic in Christmas with my boys too. So important!

  4. I love all these ideas! I can't wait to have kids so we can spend special time with them around the holidays!

  5. These are such sweet ideas. I especially like the personalized video to Santa. Cherish these times with your little one.

  6. So many times people hate on the Elf on the Shelf idea and while I get why some folks don't want the extra work/hassle, it's just something fun to make the holiday a little more exciting.

  7. I love this list!! never knew about 7 & 8 Ill be doing those tonight! thanks for sharing :)

  8. I love all of these! 14 is SO CUTE! I totally want to do it, but how do you get the kids away from their gifts and outside to findi it?! ;)

  9. Love all of this! Well, we introduced Marli to the Christmas tree and Santa this year and she LOVED both. We also took her to Zoo Lights which was on my bucket list :) I would love to have her go with us to a toy donation drop off and volunteer so she sees us "being nice" and "sharing" because it's so important to us to instill this early on for her to help the less fortunate. I have actually been amazed that she hasn't touched any of the presents under the tree! Instead, she will point to them and say the names of her cousins, aunts, and uncles because we purchased presents for them.

  10. The candy cane idea is super cute and one I haven't heard of before!

  11. These are all such fun and easy ideas! We've done a few, but there are MANY we will have to add to our must-do-during-the-holidays list!

  12. what a great post with all fun ideas. Love the Santa video thanks for sharing

  13. this is a great list! I am saving this list to add some of these to our Christmas list this year! I love the reindeer food! I was totally planning to eat the Santa cookies but I LOVE the thank you note ide! Thanks for sharing!

  14. omg the reindercam...my night has been made. And it was really just dark sooo I'm betting it would be a bit better during the day ha. So cute. I know my cousins loved the Santa tracker when they were younger. AND one of my fondest Christmases was it snowed and we were staying with family in Ohio for the holidays and the reindeer left a trail of glitter around the snowy yard. It was so cool as a kid, and clearly I still think so. I always left carrots for the reindeer and the Easter bunny too. I'm quite excited about it with Aria this year!

  15. Man, I always enjoy your pics of Mason. And this is such a great list fran. I so need to sprinkle glitter around my tree


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