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Happy Friday friends!!!

It's been one heck of a week. I am so glad it's the weekend. I am ready to do nothing but lounge in pajamas and watch ABC Family!! #givemeallthechristmasmovies

Here's a bit of what we've been up to this week...

{O N E}

The She Reads Truth Advent {here} study started this week and I am loving it. If you have already, I encourage you to get their app. It's beautiful and amazing.

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{T W O}

Mason woke up early Wednesday morning running fever and coughing. I kept him home from school, of course. That day he was his normal self...just not as energetic. By the time Nate got home his fever was back full force and he was down for the count. He felt so crummy. It was a rough night of sleeping for a bit, waking to him crying & thrashing and talking crazy, to moving to the couch, his bed, our bed, etc. Thursday morning I called and got him an appointment. By the time we were in the waiting room I was sure it was the flu. I could just tell by the way he was looking & acting. He even fell asleep in my lap in the waiting room. He never sits still enough for that to happen. Dr Sweet saw him and she knew immediately it was the flu. And she informed me that the strain changed and the vaccines they gave this year wasn't a match...so Mason was only covered about 40%. Darn that flu and all the different strains! She swabbed him and it came back positive for Flu Type A. We got Tamiflu that evening and Mason absolutely hated it. Said it was the worst thing in the world and now refuses any kind of medicine. I've had to sneak meds into his drinks. But even then he doesn't get the full dose because he never finishes a drink. :( My heart is breaking! I hate seeing him so sick. Yesterday he laid on the couch from Noon - 7:00 pm, only getting up to potty. Then straight to our bed where he was out by 7:15. He slept on and off. He would wake up talking kind of crazy and seeing things that weren't really there. That has scared the fire out of me. I'm praying this flu bug hits the highway pretty dang quick. If you have any tricks for giving stubborn little four year olds medicine send them my way!!

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{T H R E E}

I used a box dye and dyed my hair a little darker. I had it dyed kind of an ombre a couple of months ago but it started fading and I didn't like the colors it had become. So, I bought a box dye. I only do it myself when I use a light brownish color. I just wanted it all the same color. It will lighten up, as it always does. But for now, I like it.

 photo IMG_8907_zps9ac72ea5.jpg

{F O U R}

Christmas!!!!!!!! I just love this time of year. Yesterday I posted about our Winter bucketlist {here}. We have already done quite a few of them and those posts are coming! We were going to use this weekend to check off Bethlehem Revisited and Santa @ Bass Pro Shop, but we will have to reschedule so that Mason can stay home and rest and get better. If he starts feeling better we'll do some Christmas crafting at home.

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{F I V E}

Diesel!!! We are still so happy and so thankful that our little Diesel boy is home. He has been the greatest joy! Diesel is usually anywhere that I am {attached like crazy} but since Mason has been sick he hardly leaves his side. So thankful for this pup!! 

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How has your week been?

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  1. I used most of this week to play catch up from the Thanksgiving week + Black Friday shopping craze. haha Hope your little guy feels better soon! Marli got a cold for the 1st time ever when she hit 20 months and it was not fun. Luckily, she loved the medicine I gave her and now sings "meeediciiiinnnee" because she still wants to take it. haha Of course I had to act ridiculous and extra excited/happy to take it so she would love it too. I am going to download that app now. Have a great weekend mama!

  2. I just adore you and your boys and your home. I love your front door. The arch? SO JEALOUS!

  3. I love the hair color and the sweater! super cute! and I hope your little guy is feeling better :)

    *downloading app now* thanks for sharing :)

  4. Poor Mason. Hate when babes are sick. Love that the pup stayed right by him though. I hope he feels better soon.

  5. Santa at Bass Pro Shop was the best when we lived in Texas. They're building one near us now, so hopefully next Christmas we'll get to go again! Also, #givemeallthechristmasmovies, ha! Love it!

  6. Poor little guy! There isn't much worse than a sick babe. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!
    Loving the hair color, the Christmas decor, and the quality time with the pup!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. poor little sick boy! no fun! I hope he gets better fast! we're fighting another round of colds but no where near as bad! Your puppy is so adorable glad u have him home again!

  8. I have been able to tell he doesn't feel good just from our snaps this week. I feel so bad for him. :-(
    But your hair looks so good! You are too cute! And I love seeing pictures of diesel!

  9. Hope Mason feels better today! I absolutely love the She Reads Truth app. It's beautiful and always inspiring.

  10. Your hair looks great!

    And I'm so very sorry to hear that Mason was so sick. How terrible! How is he feeling now?


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!