{Our weekend // dentist, wedding, church, ranger game}

Happy Monday!!! I can't believe it's already Monday! Feels like this weekend flew by!! We had a good one, though. 

It started with a 6 month dentist check up for our little man! Mason saw a new dentist this time and did great. I mentioned in my post {here} about our last dentist trip that we loved the dentist,  but other parts of the apt were less than pleasant. Well, we decided to move Mason to Clark Dental for kids. We go to Clark Dental and they share a building. We loved our experiences with the practice and had a good feeling about the kids side. We were right! We loved Dr Ben & staff. He was so great with Mason! Mason does have a cavity on one of the very back teeth. Dr Ben said it's going to be tricky to get to and thinks that Mason would do best to have oral sedation for the filling. We have to schedule that and go back. It's going to take several hours and both Nate and I need to be present. Prayers are welcome for that apt! 

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Friday evening I got to check an item off our Fall Bucketlist.  I somehow convinced Mason to let me take a few Fall pictures of him and he obliged! All it took was mentioning that we'd be in the area of the feed store and the big red train! Mason quickly agreed as long as I let him play on the train. Easy enough! Of course he kept asking if he could go to the train with every picture we took. I managed to get some good ones....sneak peek...

 photo 16_zps75b76656.jpg

More pictures to come...

We spent the rest of the evening at home and it was nice! {that doesn't happen too often on a Friday night}

Saturday was a lazy day for us. I'd love to say that we slept in, but Mason was awake at 7:45am which is quite rare for him on a Saturday. My boy usually sleeps until 10 at the very earliest. I'm just glad we were able to be lazy!! We went for a late lunch at one of our favorite local spots Oma's Jiffy Burger. The weather is getting to be nice enough that we can eat out on the patio. They have picnic tables and two big screen tv's. It was a nice lunch! 

That evening we went to a very, very unique wedding. The couple met through baseball and it's one of their greatest loves...so they got married on a baseball field. It was very cute!! I only managed to get a couple of pics, and neither were of the wedding. Fail!

 photo IMG_6462_zps06bd57c9.jpg
 photo IMG_6472_zps75fc67a3.jpg

Sunday morning we started our day off in the best way possible...at church! We got to listen to an amazing band The Sherman Mountain Boys and heard a great message! I love our church!! Afterwards we raced home to get ready for the Ranger game. Nate's mom got tickets for the entire family {11 of us} through her work and we were going to make a family day out of it. Our seats were in the blaring hot sun! Texas didn't get the memo that it was late September and was scorching hot. Luckily, we found some seats at the top in the shade! There was also a nice breeze! After the game we had an early supper at On The Border. It was a great day!

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How was your weekend?


  1. Such a fun weekend! What a unique wedding venue. How special for your friends!

    And....who is that big dude?! Ohmyword. He looks 7!

  2. How fun! Looks like you guys had a great time at the game! Baseball games are always a good time at our house too :)
    It's so encouraging that Mason likes the dentist so much (and umm, that place looks awesome!). We have yet to take our Mason but need to this coming year... I hope he does as well!

  3. We need to get AJ to the dentist one of these days!

  4. So fun! Love the pictures! The dentist looks pretty cool, like an actually fun place. lol .... xo

  5. aww! I wish MY dentist's office had video games in the waiting room!! ;) Mason is SO cute!

  6. I'm sure that Mason will do great with the sedation! I only wish I could be as brave as that little guy because I actually really need some dental work done but am petrified for some reason!! :( I love the sneak peak photo of Mason - can't wait to see more! There is seriously nothing better as a mama, in my opinion, than a great photo shoot with our little boys!!

  7. What a fun weekend! And you have yourself a real cowboy, don't you? Living in Austin, we just have hippies and transplants.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!