{Intermittent Exotropia Check-up}

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I wrote here about Mason's ophthalmology appointment and how it was everything but pleasant. Mason was diagnosed with Intermittent Exotropia at that appointment and we also learned that he was near sided and needed glasses.  After being there for 4 hours the dr. gave us his glasses prescription and told us to put a patch on Mason's strong eye for an hour a day. We left there with not such a good feeling about the whole appointment. We felt defeated.

We were so grateful when our eye doctor agreed to see Mason for this 2 month follow up. Today was that day. And it was wonderful. Mason did great with his exam and we got a good report from Dr. Grace. Mason no longer has to wear the eye patch and said that honestly he never really needed to. Mason's condition is very minimal and Dr Grace said he'd bet his last dollar that Mason will outgrow it. Praise Jesus! 

The only bad news was that since Mason is only 4 and already near-sided it will probably only worsen as he gets older. So glasses and eventually contacts and maybe even lasik it is for this boy.

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  1. The poor babe! (Gosh, he looks so cute up in that chair though.) Happy to hear that the appointment went well today!

  2. Aww darn but he is so handsome with his glasses! Glad the appointment went well though. Definitely a relief :) xo

  3. Glasses are no fun but so glad to hear that his condition isn't worse!

  4. So happy the appointment went well! I have contacts for near-sided-ness and if that is the worst thing that happens to him, I think he is doing great. He looks like such a big boy in that chair!


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