{What I love about Fall}

My Fall porch

+  The weather
+ Going to the Pumpkin Patch
+ Carving Pumpkins
+ Mums
+ Candy Corn
+ College Football
+ Chili
+ Scarves and boots
+ Halloween
+ Hayrides
+ Hot Chocolate
+ Caramel Pear Crisp in the Scentsy
+ Fires
+ The feel of Autumn
+ Riding with the windows down
+ Cuddling on the couch with a blanket
+ Family movie nights
+ Wreaths

What do you love about Fall?


  1. Here are the the things I love about Fall: http://www.fromheretothere-blog.com/2013/09/reasons-to-love-fallwinter.html

    Your list is great, I agree with a lot of that too. Fall is my absolutely favorite season! Your front porch is the cutest, no lie!

  2. Everything on this list!!!
    And, what I am loving NOW is the fact that our baby girl is due to arrive at any second. We can not wait to for this addition this fall. ♥

    However, the weather needs to get it together here and start feeling like fall and not like June!

  3. I love pretty much your entire list, and I've already enjoyed about 50% of it haha!

    new follower!

  4. I love your porch! The turquoise bench I want!!! I guess I am going to start to be a little more handy and make me one :) Okay Okay I will be more shopping savy and look for one.. Hehe! I need me a handy man though for sure.
    I love the Howdy sign too...

  5. Love your list, I'm going to have to try that scentsy! Ohhhhh I love cuddling with blankets and chili and football and every single thing on your list! Your porch is absolutely perfect!


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