{First Fall 13 Blastball game}

Mason telling us he's #1 {jersey #}

This past Saturday {9/7} was our first Fall Blast Ball game. It went so well. Mason stayed on the field the entire time and hit the ball great! We were so proud of him! He yelled out a couple of "Hi Moms" from the field, but didn't run off after me. And when Nana and Papa got there I just knew it was over! Last season he wanted to be in the stands more than on the field. That's where the party was! Ha. But he just yelled out a "Hi Nana" and kept playing!! Big boy!

What a difference a season makes!

All of the boys did well and we have a really good solid team. We had 3 returning players and 3 new ones. That makes {3} three year olds and {3} four year olds. 

And of course, Mason's little best friend is on the team again. I love watching these boys grow up together.

Looking forward to a great season!

Go Iron Pigs.

Are your littles playing any Fall sports?


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!