{Fall Ball 2013 - that's a wrap!}

Saturday, October 21st was our last Fall Blast Ball game.  The boys all did so great. I loved our team this year and loved that we had some returning players. I hope we can keep everyone together (for the most part) throughout the years. We have some 3 year olds and some 4 year olds so some will move up before others. Here in Waxahachie Blast Ball is ages 3-5 and Tball is 5+.

This season they gave out medals instead of trophies. Mason was okay with that even though he was expecting a trophy all season. The boys got so excited when Nate handed out the medals.

What a difference 1 season makes. Mason spent more of the time in the stands last season and more time on the field this season! We do not make Blast Ball something Mason has to do. We want it to be something he wants to do. He is three. And we know if we push it then he may just turn away from it all together. He seemed to enjoy it much more this time! That makes this little baseball lovin' Mama's heart so happy!!

The below pictures are of Nate, Mason, Easton and Erik. Nathan and Erik played high school baseball together and now their boys are playing together! Easton and Mason are exactly 1 week apart in age and they get along so great!!

That's a wrap!

Now what do we do until Spring???

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  1. Congratulations, Mason!! Next season will be even better! :)

  2. So cute and fun! Don't you hate when the season ends, but it gets better every year with more and more memories!

  3. Naww!! Too cute!!! And so great that he's enjoying it!!

  4. You're pretty good with the camera girl!


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