{I'm the kinda of girl...}

Linking up with Holly @ Running in Stilettos

...absolutely adores being a Mommy and a wife

...is a worry wart...like bad
...addicted to diet dr pepper
...loves the outdoors; hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, shooting {especially my pink and black pistol}, etc.

...could sit at a 9 inning (or more) Ranger game every single night
...loves to dance

...prefers a jacked up Jeep or lifted truck over a fancy sportscar

First vehicle I purchased on my own - 1989 Jeep CJ 7

...used to work for 106.9 the Ranch and loved it {pre-Mason}
...obsessive picture taker
...is most comfortable in my Corral boots

...enjoys being around people, but okay with just being at home too.
...loves the beach, but loves the mountains a little more
...has been known to throw a couple White Trash Bashes at her casa {again, pre-Mason}

...hates suprises
...used to be able to get ready in 5 minutes flat, but now thanks to Pinterest, Birchbox, Ipsy and blogging it takes me 45min or more.
...has loved the same amazing man for 17 years {and counting}

...only listens to Texas Country {there's definitely a difference}
...loves a good margarita on a patio with live music
...has had many of the same friends since 2nd grade

Some of my friends from 2nd grade camping a few years ago

 ...would rather spend time with the hubbs and Mason more than anything in the world
...loves cooking, but loathes doing the dishes
...takes a cagillion pictures of Gruene Hall just because our last name is Hall

...loves deeply
...forgives easily
...prays incessantly
...dreams wildly
...cares passionately

What kinda girl are you?



  1. I love this! You are so dang cute! Your Jeep is awesome, Chris drove a lifted Jeep in high school. Oh and I totally thought you were standing next to Brett Michaels in the white trash picture. haha

  2. GIRLFRIEND!!!! I love this, I love getting to know you better. I could sit through ANY baseball game-thats my absolute favorite. You are such a fun lady...white trash parties sound like a blast, and seriously what a FUN job pre mason, I dont think im confident enough for that.

    and seriously every.single.time I see the "17 years" it makes my heart flutter. SO SWEET :)

  3. Another thing-I used to get ready in a flash too, now cameron doesn't know what hit him thanks to all things Pinterest/Birchbox yada yada yada!

  4. This great and so much of it is true to my life too! I could easily sit at a baseball game every night and I am most comfortable in my boots!
    I'm the kind of girl that could drink only sweet tea for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy!

  5. Love this! Wish we lived closer together so we could hang out :)
    Your gorgeous mama!

  6. Love seeing all these pics this link up is so cute

  7. oh my gosh I am SUCH a worrier too!!! Sometimes about stupid stuff like at work I'll text Jer to find out if I left my flat iron on or when I am at home I'll think if I put my phone from work on night mode! haha

  8. So sweet, I love being a mom and wife more then anything also!


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