{A sick but not-so-sick boy}

Happy Thursday!! Getting closer to Friday!!!!!

Mason has been battling some allergies/cold/something since Sunday. It started Sunday morning when he woke up with crusty/matted eyes and a mucusy cough. He acted just fine, though. No fever and the cough subdued once we got past the morning. So, we sent him to school on Monday. He did fine. Was fine all evening. Around 11:30pm I woke up from a dead sleep to check on him. He was burning up. I checked his temp and it was 102.4. We got him some Motrin, but he didn't want to wake up to take it. It took an hour for us to finally get him awake enough to take the meds. I kept him home on Tuesday and he was perfectly fine. No cough, no fever or anything. Fast-forward to that night...I slept with him, well, didn't really sleep a wink, and checked him throughout the night. His body was burning up...hands, feet, back, stomach...but not his face or forehead. I let him sleep through it. And we decided it'd be best if he stayed home again. 

Nate stayed with him this time. Again...perfect! Didn't act sick one bit. He took a late afternoon nap and was just waking up when I got home at 4:40 and was burning up! We took his temp and it was 103.5. I called his dr but they couldn't get him in until the following day, We didn't want to wait that long so we decided to go to My Clinic a couple towns over. We had a great experience with them. The facility was clean, staff was nice and quick and Mason loved the Doctor. They swabbed him for the flu and strep throat. Both came back negative. Thank God! The doctor said that he definitely had an allergy, thus the crusty eyes and runny nose and sneezing. And he had an upper respiratory infection. He prescribed him a cough med that has benadryl in it so that it covers the cough and the allergies and an antibiotic for the infection.

I am home with him today and he's been perfect! He's had a couple doses of antibiotics and one round of the cough med. I can already see a difference in him...

He's such a hoot! We were watching videos on the "Harlem Shake" and sure enough the boy wanted to try! I took video and will upload it soon! It's hilarious!! 

He's giving me a taste of what it'd be like to be a stay-at-home mom. Shew...let's just say I'd need to stock up on some Moscato for when Daddy gets home to take over! ha. No, it's great. I love to hang out with him. Keeps me going, that's for sure.

So far today I've:

...cleaned up medicine that he spit on the floor because he didn't like it
...hid the next round of antibiotics in a cup of milk
...played numerous rounds of cars/cops vs bad guys, etc.
...changed the dvr from bubble guppies, to Caillou, to Jake and the Pirates and back to Bubble Guppies
...danced in the living room to the "Truck song" on bubble guppies
...made two grilled cheeses
...picked up said grilled cheese bits off the floor
...made cup after cup of different liquids
...given him a 1 hour bath
...spent 15 minutes cleaning the "bath finger paints" off the walls, floor, faucet, him
...did our taxes with one hand while the other hand played cars with the boy
...washed dishes
...did a load of laundry
...worked online {for my job}
wait for it...

Had to tell Mason to put his "beep beep" back inside his diaper. He came over to me and said, "Mama, my beep beep is hanging out." I tell him to put it up and he looks down and says, "Sorry beep beep, time to go back in the diaper." Seriously!!!!!!!!! #boymomprobs

Oh, one things for darn sure...I'd never have a clean house. I've been running circles around him cleaning mess after mess, toy after toy! I'm exhausted...


  1. It's totally true -- my house is never clean! As I'm writing this, my child just walked into the living room holding a COMPLETELY soaked hand towel and a naked Cinderella doll that she's planning to help "take a bath!" It's never boring, that's for sure!

  2. Nawww, sounds like you had an awesome time home with him!! (clean houses aren't essential til you have visitors, and even then it depends on who they are!lol) I hope he kicks his allergies and URI soon!! (Lachys definitely at that same 'bits out of the nappy' stage too! Usually when we have people over for tea!)

  3. A Beep-Beep, that's hilarious!
    Dav calls his a LOG! I kid you not. I die laughing everytime he starts talking about his LOG! Then, he'll giggle and say..."I swilly, Mommy!" ;)

    Oh, yes...the messes are UNREAL with being home all day, but I would not change it for nothing! That's all I do all day long is trip over cars and legos while doing laundry and loading the dishwasher. It's a never ending cycle around here. Michael bought me a sign last Mother's Day that said...
    "Mother of a son work from Son up to Son down!"
    & it's the truth.

    And, you're brave to be doing taxes with a little love home. NOT I! I called today to make our appointment because it has totally slipped my mind that we have not done it yet. Whew.


    I am so glad he is feeling better.
    Two weeks ago we had to take Dav to the doctor for a red eye and his Ped said it was an infection due to allergies. He's still got it, now in the other eye. Dav just brings me the drops now when their itching him. Silly. Those allergies are NOT FUN!

  4. The days I stay home with Wylie I am so exhausted! My husband comes home and I tell him I didn't get anything "done" and he just gives me this crazy look, I think I need to make out a list of everything we do to give him a little visual of why my real list of things to do doesn't get touched!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!