{Another letter to my Masonbug}

{written on 1/15/13}

Hi sweet boy!

I just had to write you. Life has just been so great lately and there's a few things I want to share with you about right now. We have been spending so much time at home; playing, hanging out, and watching movies. We've all seemed to enjoy that lately. It's so nice for a family {us} that's always on the go to just slow down and enjoy. And that we have done. One of the main reasons we have been spending so much time at home is because it's flu season and it has hit the area hard! We are trying our best to keep you well. Nonetheless, the time at home has just been wonderful. We are having so much fun, making so many memories and taking so many pictures to document these sweet memories.

Mason, you have been so incredibly sweet lately. Seriously! You are so flowing with your pleases, thank yous and I love You's. Your Daddy and I are just so amazed by you. You're appreciative of everything we do for you. You have such a darling little soul. You are really enjoying being a "big boy" lately. We are so proud of you for doing so! After a rough week at school {last week} you have been such a big boy this week. Both Monday and Today you have told me that I can leave school that you are being a big boy. You give me hugs and kisses bye with no tears! Oh sweet love, I am so so so proud of you! This makes such great mornings for the both of us.

This morning on the way to school we had a wintry mix. The back roads we have to take to your school {2 lanes, windy and hilly} were really bad and scary. You were so good for me. You knew that Mommy had to really pay attention to the road and be careful. I asked you if you needed donut holes {hoping you would say no because it's an extra 5 minutes of driving on icy roads} or if you could eat breakfast at school and you say, "No Mommy, I am fine. I don't need donut holes." I started balling! Just shows how kind you are and how much you are growing up right before my very eyes!! We got to school and you ate your cereal and played with your friends. You were so eager to go play with them that you ran off and then turned around remembering you didn't hug/kiss me bye! Oh I love you.

Another thing I want to tell you is how blessed you are to have the Daddy that you do. He's the absolute best. While you may not realize right now, you are so blessed. He takes the time to get on the floor with you and play countless hours of hot wheels, all the while letting you boss him around. He plays zombies with you, sits in the bathroom for an hour just so you can play in the bathtub. Has perfected grilled cheese making on your behalf. Just this week he has taught you how to ride a bull {by bouncing on his knees}. He cherishes the time you two have together and will never pass up a minute to play with you. I love to watch you two play. Best buds. Makes a mama's heart so happy.

Before you were even born your Daddy would tell me about all the things he couldn't wait to teach you and do with you. And now, I get to watch that firsthand. No place I'd rather be.

I love you my little love,

Your Mama.

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