{Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo 2013}

This past Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Going to the FWSSR was a tradition that Nate's Grandpa started with the family way back when. His Grandfather is no longer with us, but we carry on the tradition. This was Nathans 31st, my 17th {with his fam}, and the 3rd for Mason. I look forward to this day every year! It's such a great time. This year we had a group of 17 and took the entire rows of 1 and 2 in Section A. 

We left Waxahachie at 10 am and headed that way. We thought that would give us plenty of time for the Stock Show and exhibits before the 2:00 Rodeo. But, there was traffic on 2 of the major highways and then traffic around the Rodeo grounds. We had to park in the back-40. But, we got to ride in a covered wagon pulled by a tractor. Mason was ecstatic!

 We got to walk through one of the cow barns, but pretty quickly. We found the Moores and then headed to the exhibit halls. We had our minds set on getting a picture of Mason on the bull. And of course they moved it from the spot it's normally in. We went through a few aisles before someone finally asked. Aha, aisle 800. $20 later we had us a 4x6 and cd of the 4 pictures they took. 

 Looks like a natural, eh? It was a compromise to the real bulls that he wanted to ride! After we got our pictures we headed for the tractors. We saw them on the way to the bull and promised Mason we'd go back. Plus, it was a good spot to hang out and let our huge group all meet up. 

Mason has absolutely no fear. So it was no surprise when he wanted to ride the roller coasters in the midway! He settled for a little more mild tractor ride! He also went through the petting zoo with Kynna and Kolton. 

After a little time in the midway it was time for the Rodeo. Mason got a lightup toy, cotton candy, nachos, a snow cone, funnel cake, etc. The Rodeo was good and Mason was totally into it. He watched with curious little eyes and asked many questions. And I'm pretty sure he told his Daddy he wanted to ride! 

After the Rodeo we went back to Midway for another ride. Mason cried when we had to leave. He wanted to ride more..but we had a cagillion people waiting on us to go eat. This guy made up for it and took away his tears...

FWSSR 2013 - you did not disappoint. See ya next year!


  1. Oh my! I could just eat him up! I love the pictures on the bull.

  2. Love this post and I cannot believe that I was at the Rodeo at the same time as you! We were in section X and my dad bought me cotton candy too!! Great rodeo this year, and you are right it did not disappoint!!

  3. This is so cute!! Those boots are too precious. I love the show. Way back in the day in drillteam, i danced every year in the parade. Lots of traditions.

  4. The FWSSR is awesome. I was there Saturday as well (I'll be posting about it this week). Looks like you had a great time! The weather was perfect!

  5. That looks like a lot of fun, and how cute does Mason look in those cowboy boots! He is such a big boy now! Very cute!!

  6. I love this so much! Looks like a whole lot of fun! Mason is just so cute

  7. FABULOUS pictures from the stock show!

  8. OH my gosh look at him, hes so grown up in these pictures! I love his outfit and I love that you showed the different years photos!

  9. Ahhh!! He is so precious! And I'm in love with his baby cowboy boots <3 IN love!

    Love your blog girl! Thanks for stopping by mine. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you!

    xo, Ashley


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