{Hand, foot, mouth....WHAT?!?!}


I've been MIA from the blogging world for a while. I'm still reading, just not writing. Too exhausted to blog.
We've had a rough couple of weeks.
On Sunday, August 7 Mason came down with a fever. He was in a weird mood all day. All he wanted to do was lay around {mostly in my lap with his head buried in my chest}...which is so unlike him. He's a busy kid, always on the go. So of course this raised a red flag. We also noticed that Mason didn't have much of an appetite. And he wasn't drinking...which is also unlike him. That boy can put down some water! We also had a rough time with sleep that night. He couldn't get comfortable and wanted me to hold him {on the couch}. I was almost positive it was his ears...
So, I made him an appt the next morning with his pediatrician. Thankfully they got him in right away. 
Dr Gold examined him and much to my surprise his ears were perfect! We told her all of his symptoms and she knew right away what it was. She checked his throat, hands and feet...and her assumption was right.

Mason had "Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease".

What the hell?

I've never heard of such. I know my baby is sick, but you throw in the word "disease" and hello...freakin' out mom here. Apparently is a very common virus in infants and his Dr. said they've seen a ton of cases of it lately. 


Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is a mild, contagious viral infection common in young children. Characterized by sores in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet, hand-foot-and-mouth disease is most commonly caused by a coxsackievirus.
There's no specific treatment for hand-foot-and-mouth disease. You can reduce your risk of infection from hand-foot-and-mouth disease by practicing good hygiene, such as washing your hands often and thoroughly. 

Ugh! Really?

We practice very good hygiene with Mason, thankyouverymuch. He takes baths daily {sometimes twice in one day}. BUT he's a BOY for pete's sake.

Naturally we suspect his school...but his dr said he could have contacted it anywhere. 

So, we were home all last week. It's a virus that just has to run it's course...which is normally 7-10 days. I didn't mind. It was fun playing the role of a STAHM. And now I wish even more that I could be one!! Mason was in such good spirits, so sweet and as funny as can be. I loved my time with him...just wish it were under better circumstances. He's my little best friend, for sure. We have a blast together.

Hubbs started getting all of the symptoms of this virus on Tuesday evening. And then another virus...but that's a whole other post.

I don't know how I didn't get this one. Mason is attached to my hip!

Mason's 100% better now. The rash and blisters are gone and he has an appetite and can eat/drink without any pain! YAY!

Hate when my boys are sick :(

Pictures of my sick baby boy...


  1. Yeah that has been going around. Your the second one of my friends kids to get it in the past couple of weeks. Glad he is better now though!

  2. Awwww poor guy:-( I remember Logan getting that when he was a baby, so not fun. Happy to hear is on the mend:-)


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