{14 Months}

I know, I know. I'm super late on this post.
Ya see...wrangling a 14 month old for posed pictures is no easy task these days.
It's obvious by these pictures.
{warning, they're bad} Of course the baby is cute, though!

You want me to do what with this sign?

I'm Out

This is our life lately!

What's this boy up to these days?
I mean what is this boy NOT up to these days? {that's more like it}
Busy, busy, busy.
He doesn't stop. Like ever.
 25 lbs and holding strong
Size 18mth clothing {some 24 months} {what??}
Size 4 diaper {but we'll probably buy 5's at our next trip to target}
Size 5 shoe

Everything! But some favorites are:
His blanket {carries it everywhere}
Trains {Choo Choo's} - mostly his Chuggington videos. 

We have reached the point where Mason will say anything you ask him these days!
Even the hard words...he will try.
Like Motorcycle
Love that one.
He says Please and Thank you...and mama's favorite - LOVE YOU

Seriously kid- could you be any cuter? Could you be anymore fun?
We are having such a blast.

PS -
Yes, I realize he has on blue shoes
Yes, I realize our yard needs mowed
Yes, I realize it looks like a kindergartener took these pics

Don't judge! :)

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