{Weekend Wrapup}

Oh weekends...why do you always pass by so fast??
Don't you know we need more time?
You know...to drive tractors around the house...visiting with awesome friends at the ballpark...and making silly home videos!
Yup, that's what we did this weekend! 

Friday night Nate had softball games and I opted out. Mason only had a 30 minute nap at school that day, so I didn't feel up to fighting a losing battle! He would have been wired in order to keep himself awake for a 9 & 10pm game and it's too hot {105+ degrees} to chase around a toddler. Mason and I hung out, gave him a bath and we watched some Chuggington together. He was out before 9pm. I was so.freakin.bored. I didn't know what to do with myself. lame.

Saturday we ran tons of errands and then we were off to the Ranger game!! It was so incredibly {scorching} hot, but we had a blast. We bought seats for the little ones even though they were free so that we'd have the extra room. Mason sat in his own seat for a long time. I couldn't get over how big he looked! Rangers lost {boo} to the Angels {double boo} but it was a good and interesting name. Not to mention the people watching. oh.my.gooooodness.

Sunday was spent grocery shopping and good ole' hanging out doing a whole lot of nothing.
Just enjoying one another.


  1. haha he has a tractor!! all I can think of is "she thinks my tractors ssexxxxxaaaayyy"

  2. Right!!!!!! I always want to put that as a caption with his tractor pictures. Mason's obsessed with Tractors!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!