{Vacation - Days 1-4}

Our trip to the coast was pretty amazing! Maybe it was the nice ocean breeze, the sand between our toes, or the cute little chubby baby toddlin' along the coastline...or all of the above. I just know it was pure bliss ♥!!

I needed this trip. I needed the entire week with my boys...no schedules, no work, no school, no hustle and bustle...just pure relaxation.

We got into Port A around 6:00ish Saturday evening. We located our rental property, got the keys and set off to find our house. We did a quick unload at our house and then sent out for dinner. We went to a Mexican food place that we visit every time we are there. Said restaurant did not disappoint.

Sunday we headed to the beach. It was Mason's first time to see the ocean. He absolutely loved it. He took off after the water with no fear what-so-ever. I think his favorite part was chasing the birds!!

Monday & Tuesday we visited many new restaurants, did a little shopping, visited Padre Island, etc. One night we went crabbing. Jacky and Nate caught quite a few crabs and we put them in the back of the truck for Mason to see. Of course he wasn't scared and wanted to hold them! ha!

Pictures from days 1-4:


  1. i am dying to go to the beach! i wish we lived close to one :(

  2. i LOVE vacations :)


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