{Weekend Wrap-up}

Another great weekend for the Halls!!

Friday night we went to dinner at our favorite lil Ferris restaurant, Javiers. It was great!! After dinner we went driving around looking at vehicles. Ya know, after they are closed so that we aren't hounded by salespeople!! Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast at Chisolm Trail on the square. They recently started serving breakfast, so we wanted to try it. It was pretty good. After breakfast we took Mason to a pumpkin patch (Larken Farms) for the first time! It was so much fun. We just love experiencing 'firsts' with him!! He so graciously let mommy and daddy snap over 150 pictures, sticking him in all kinds of places on the farm. He was so inquisitive and wasn't sure about the hay. We also got to go on a hayride. Mason didn't make a sound the whole time. He just soaked it all in. It was awesome. At one point Nate's mom said, "Well, here yall are" and it was just awesome. Nate and I are all the time saying, "This is our life now" and it makes both of us grin from ear to ear. We just love having our own little family and going on little excursions as such! Mason picked out his very first pumpkin (with a little help from Daddy) and it is absolutely perfect!! That evening we watched the Ranger game. BOO! They disappointed...and again on Sunday :( They have to WIN tonight. HAVE.TO. Sunday was a lazy day spent cleaning and watching sad game of baseball and football. Definitely not a DFW winning weekend for our teams. Grr! But hey, the family time was still spectacular!!

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