{20 Weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 20 weeks!!!

That's 140 days, 3360 hours, 201,600 minutes that you have been with us Mason!! Sweetest 201,600 minutes of my life!!

 Mason, what can I say?? I love you more than I did yesterday, tomorrow I will love you even more I just know it. My love for you grows by the second!! You make my heart do backflips and want to jump right out of my chest. You are the most amazing little boy ever!! You are so smart, so inquisitive, so handsome, so sweet and so loving. I can't get enough of you. God has really outdone himself by giving you to Mommy and Daddy and we are forever thankful!!
Lets see, at 20 weeks...

- You love to stand up. Your new favorite thing is to stand on the grass or concrete outside. You get the hugest kick out of that. You think you're "big" and you just grin from ear to ear.

- You love to go places, but you are getting tired of your car seat. You want mommy to hold you so that you can look out the window.

- You love your baths, love to splash mommy and daddy

- Loving your solids. You like most fruits, but hardly any veggies. Who can blame you?? You basically only like sweet potatoes.

- You love to talk and be talked to!!

- You're starting to show a little interest in toys, but you get over them within a few minutes.

- You are eating 4-6 ounces every 2 -2 1/2 hours and usually get 1 juice bottle a day

- You are mostly in 6 -9 month clothes. Most of your pajamas are 12 mths and 18 mths and you are STILL ridiculously cute in pajamas!! Nana took you shopping last Friday and you have a bunch of new Fall outfits! Mostly pajamas, and they are SO CUTE!

- Teething, oh teething!! Mommy gets so sad to see you in teething pain. We recently discovered the teething tablets and they seem to work good for you. Here's to praying that continues. You are drooling like crazy and always want something in your mouth.

- Mommy and Daddy also think you are having growing pains. It's hard for you to get comfortable enough to sleep/rest. You are constantly kicking, twisting, swinging your arms and moving.

- Besides the teething you are normally pretty happy! You almost always wake up with a smile on your face. Mommy and Daddy love this!!

- You're in size 3 diapers!!!

- Over the weekend you started reaching for things with your arms. You were just leaning towards what you wanted, now you're reaching and grabbing!!! You are especially interested in Diesel. You grab his beard with a tight grip. Diesel doesn't think it's very funny, but he just sits there and lets you do it!

- You love for Mommy to call Diesel, "Diesel, oh Diesel, where are you?" you grin so big and look around for him to come running.

Now.....for your 20 week pictures....

Now feast your eyes with MAJOR cuteness!!

We love you MasonBug!!

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