{22 weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 22 weeks!!!

That's 154 days, 3696 hours, 221,760 minutes that you have been with us Mason!! Most wonderful 221,760 minutes of my life!!

Oh my love!!! Each day I love you more and more. You make my heart do somersalts. You make my smile bigger than it's ever been. You make me so happy I feel like I'm busting at the seams. You make me love your Daddy even more. You make me so excited for our future. You make me so proud to be your mommy!! Thank you Mason, for giving a new meaning to EVERYTHING!!!!  

Lets see, at 22 weeks...

- You still love to stand up! Which means it's hard to get you sitting on your own, because you never want to sit. You always have to be standing or have the person holding you stand. Not sure when we're ever gonna get you to crawl or sit on your own. ha!
- You love bright colors, especially red.

- Some of your favorite shows are Backyardigans, Clifford and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Those seem to keep your attention the most.

- You love to go places, but you are getting tired of your car seat. You want mommy to hold you so that you can look out the window. We are going to get you a new car seat soon so that you can see out of the windows better. And so that you face forward. You are close to the weight limit to do that.

- Can hardly get you to eat any veggies except sweet potatoes, still.

- You love to talk and be talked to!!

- You're starting to show a little interest in toys, but you get over them within a few minutes.

- You are eating 4-6 ounces every 2 -2 1/2 hours and usually get 1 juice bottle a day

- You are mostly in 6 -9 month clothes. Most of your pajamas are 12 mths and 18 mths and you are STILL ridiculously cute in pajamas!!

- Teething, oh teething!! You are drooling like crazy and always want something in your mouth. Sometimes they hurt so bad that you get really fussy. Nighttime orajel seems to be working good for you. They recalled the teething tablets we were using.

- Besides the teething you are normally pretty happy! You almost always wake up with a smile on your face. Mommy and Daddy love this!!

- Still in size 3 diapers

- We are guessing you are around 18.5 lbs right now. Oh my chunky goodness!

- You love to talk on the phone with Mommy and Daddy. You get so solemn and smile really big. You just can't figure out out to yank Mommy and Daddy out of the cell phone yet!

- Sleeping is pretty much the same each night. Mommy feeds you a cereal bottle around 7:30-8:00 each night and then you go to sleep in your bassinet. Around 1:00ish you start fussing and Mommy puts you in the bed with us. You get a 4oz bottle then. Sometimes you only drink 2oz, enough to go back to sleep, but sometimes you finish the full 4oz. Then you fidget again around 4:30 for another bottle, same thing here.

- You are crying a lot less and talking, smiling, laughing more!!

- You definitely know Mommy & Daddy's voice.

- Getting more and more coordinated with your arms and hands.
Now.....for your 22 week pictures....

We love you, Masonbug!!

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