{Weekend Wrap-up}

The Halls had a very low-key weekend and it was quite nice! We didn't plan much since Mason was getting shots on Friday. We weren't sure how he'd react...plus shots on top of teething - not a good combination! Mason did well with the shots, though! 

Friday night we went with the Halls to eat at Marty's Charcoal Hots. It's a small place in Hachie. The owner is a HUGE Rangers fan like us, so we usually end up talking to him for a while. :) The place has all kinds of sports memorabilia, mostly Rangers and it's pretty cool! 
Mason @ Charcoal Hots sitting with Daddy:

(Very sleepy boy!!)

Saturday morning we went to Pioneer Days in Ferris. Ferris Baptist Church was having their annual fishfry, so we got to visit some great friends! Nathan, Mason and I all had on our OU shirts! I made Masons "Boomer Sooner" shirt. I took tons of grief about it on Facebook...but then I think people were eating their words because OU whooped Texas!! Whoop Whoop!

That evening Mommy and Daddy went on a date with Trent and Krista. Nana kept Mason for a couple hours. It was really nice to be able to visit with T & K, but Mommy sure missed her baby boy!! I didn't get any picture, ugh! 

Sunday we just hung out at home. Daddy did yard work while Mommy and Mason relaxed. Mason took a 3 hour nap in Mommy's arms while I watched my DVR. Later Mason took another 1 hour or so nap, and then was out for the evening by 6:30! Tired boy! Not sure if it's the teething, the shots, growing pains or all three! 

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