{Camping at Stillwater RV Resort // CampAroundTexas}

 We headed to Tyler, TX for a weekend of camping at Stillwater Resort. We went back in back in May but due to unfortunate circumstances, we didn't get to enjoy the pool/water amenities. This was our redemption run! 

This time only us and Nate's parents were able to go! Friday night we hung out outside and set-up the TV for college football the next day and then we went to town to find some supper. We went to this whole in the wall Mexican food place and it was pretty good! At first I was nervous because this was like real Mexican food and not the tex-mex we are used to! I decided on nachos because that seemed like a safe bet. Boy was I wrong! They were so spicy I couldn't eat them! I was on fire. lol. Mason got a cheese quesadilla that was bomb! If we ever go back, that's what I will get. That evening we just hung out outside and then called it a night. Saturday morning we watched the OU Sooner game and then hit the pool! We stayed in the lazy river for the majority of the day! 

That evening we watched more college football outside! It was even chili enough for me that I needed a sweatshirt! I love this time of year.

Since we love camping so much and frequent so many RV Resorts and Campgrounds, I decided to start an Instagram account to share about those places. I'd love it if you gave it a follow! @CampAroundTexas 

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