{Welcome to our flock // Dixie & Dolly // 2022}

 We welcomed two new girls to our flock this past weekend! Meet Dixie and Dolly...

Dixie is the lighter color of the two and is an Ameracauna. She lays blue eggs! Dolly is the darker of the two and is an Easter Egger. She lays olive green eggs! We got them from at Canton First Monday from a farmer in Athens, TX! We are so excited to add these two girls to our flock! They are so pretty and also friendly!

At first, our OG hens and rooster were not very welcoming. I guess there's a pecking order! But they have come around and they all get along great now! 

Their eggs:

Dixie keeps laying those pretty blue eggs on the ground and they get stepped on! That or she's breaking them herself. 

I decided to go with full-grown - already laying hens this time! Chicks are a lot of work! 

When I first started chicken farming last year, I had 18 chicks. Five of those (well, 6 - but that's a story in itself!!) ended up being roosters! We kept two - a huge one that took care of the hens and a bantam rooster. These two got along and didn't fight to be the alpha, so it worked. One of our other Roosters (Ameracauna) disappeared one day and we ended up giving the other 2 roosters away. That took us down to 15. Our neighbor's dog got 1 of those, a coyote got a couple, and a hawk got several. Free-ranging chickens is not for the faint of heart, I tell ya! Anyhow, over time our flock thinned out pretty good. I was in need of a couple more good layers. I think I will add a couple more soon! We shall see. 

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