{Chicken Coop Update // Easter & Spring // 2022}

The last time I shared my coop it was decorated for St Patrick's Day. Quickly after decorating for that holiday, I learned that I was not a big fan of the green on my coop! But, I stuck it out until after St. Patty's Day. And then I had to stick it out a bit longer due to the weather! lol. I was finally able to get in and redecorate for Spring & Easter. I am loving these colors so much better! So, here is my chicken coop in all it's Easter & Spring glory and boasting that new sign I made...

We spent several hours on Sunday working on the coop! We raked out the run and the coop, cleaned off the loft in the coop, worked on some of the fencing, took down the old safety net, built a new arch to keep the safety net higher so that we can walk in the coop area without having to squat, and put up a new net. We still have a few things to do like replacing some wood and touching up with some paint. Maybe next weekend!

Anyhow, I went to take something into the house and came back to see that Nate fixed the lights and turned them on for me. I cried. It was so thoughtful that he knew something as little as this would make my heart happy! So thankful for this man of mine!

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