{January // Our month in numbers}

I will echo everyone else and say that January always feels forever long! Every time I'd go to file something on my work computer I would seriously say to myself "how is it still January?" And I saw a meme the other day that said something to the effect of "we are now in the third month of January" and it made me laugh. Feels so true! Anyhow, here's a look at our January by numbers:

1 other post written in numbers
1 trip taken
1386 miles driven on said trip
1 birthday
38 years celebrated on said birthday (wowsa)
2 Jeep mods/installs
9500lb winch installed
30 days of making our bed every day, I missed one day when I was sick with a migraine
5ish areas of my house decluttered and organized
13 pictures posted on HallAroundTexas
15 pictures posted on JeepAroundTexas
6 videos posted on our YouTube
3 Jeep events - a meet, a car-show/benefit and an overland meet-up
15 blog posts on Hall Around Texas
4 A's on Mason's report card
3 E's (excellent) on Mason's report card
16 pairs of earrings made
1 day of school missed for Mason - because making memories are better than perfect attendance! ha
too-many-to-count - the memories we made this month.

Happy February!

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