{31 things that made me smile in January}

Apparently, I'm all about list making right now! Throughout the month of January, I kept a list going of things that made me smile. 31 things for 31 days. I love to focus on the positive and to document those sweet little moments. Here is a list of 31 things that made me smile in January...

1.) My sweet boy remembering New Year's traditions and making us follow through with them.
2.) A new coffee shop on a cold, rainy and dreary day.
3.) Mason's excitement when he learned the new coffee shop offered Butterbeer.
4.) Late night ice cream dates at the fancy new place (rolled ice cream) in town.
5.) Our nephew's little wrinkled nose smile.
6.) New trail armor for the Rubicon.
7.) Taking pictures of both Jeeps together down at the pond.
8.) Chasing sunsets with my boys.
9.) Spontaneity in the form of a road trip.
10.) Seeing the mountains and the snow.
11.) Seeing the joy Mason had playing in the snow and hearing him ask if we could move to the mountains. Be still my heart.
12.) Taking forestry trails through the mountains for hours at a time.
13.) Visiting our favorite touristy places. There's this one shop Mason remembers from when he was 2 and we have to visit it every time we go to NM.
14.) Random date nights with my sweet man.
15.) My forever boyfriend making my birthday so special.
16.) A new label maker. Type A much??
17.) Meeting new Jeep people.
18.) Birthday celebrations with Nathan's family.
19.) Installing Jeep mods together in the shop.
20.) Holidays when both of my boys are at home.
21.) Mega sales at Academy and finding a new coat for $30 bucks.
22.) Learning something new (YouTube).
23.) The new look of the Jeep with the winch.
24.) Watching the sunset from the back of the Jeep with my boys.
25.) Neighbors that have become such good friends to us.
26.) My sweetest pups...always one step behind me.
27.) The state of my hair. I've been nursing it back to health and it's so soft.
28.) Making new earrings and coming up with new ideas.
29.) When my boy tells me he has a new outlook on things.
30.) Talking about all of the trips we want to take.
31.) A Jeep Ambassador program I was invited to!

Happy February!

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