{From the cutting room floor // What we've been up to}

Since my blogging hiatus I feel like I have so much to catch up on. My camera roll is about 5200 pictures deep and so many of them have not been shared anywhere. Today I wanted to share some pictures from the cutting room floor and what we have been up to the last few months. This is going to be the most random post, so bare with me!

Mason is a boy in every sense of the word, but he cannot handle blood. The slightest bit of it and he completely freaks out. You better slap a bandaid on it quick or he might just pass out! He's ruled out being a doctor or a vet because of blood. Instead he wants to be a Cop or Swat. I don't have the heart to tell him he will see blood {unfortunately} in those positions as well. I'm praying that by the time he figures that out he would have outgrown the blood thing.

Mason and I went shopping and he picked out matching knives for him and his dad. He was so proud and even paid for them with his own money! My heart melted into a big pile of mush. I love these two something fierce.

One of our new favorite stores to frequent is REI. I know, I can't believe it took us this long to shop here with as much as we love the Great Outdoors! We had just never made our way over to that part of Dallas. We love it! Mason loves to get cozy on the couches and read all the books!

Picture of a picture. When we were in Ruidoso  over the summer we did one of those western photo things. It was the perfect way to escape the pouring rain! Two things 1.) I can't get over how cute my boys are and 2.) I can't make a serious face for anything!

Mason has this little tricycle that he rides at his Nana & Papa's house and I just love it. He is growing way too fast in so many ways, but when he rides this tricycle he feels small again to me. Even if just for an hour or two.

Mason had just gotten a hair cut before swimming at his Nana & Papa's house. The first time he went under water he pops up and jumps out of the pool. All to ask me if his hard part was still there. I couldn't stop laughing. He's way too adorable for words.

We have this really cool old park in our town that we love to play at. This tree once stood tall at the park, but fell over several years ago. I love that they left the tree there as it was part of the park's history. Mason has been climbing on it for years and it never gets old!

Our Lexi girl learned to jump on the furniture at the beginning of the summer. She was so proud of herself! And of course I had to take a picture before making her get down! And now I stand amazed at this photo...she has grown so much since this was taken.

Our neighbor friend's kittens got adventurous and came to our house. Mason couldn't resist playing with them for as long as they would allow. He's my little animal lover. He may or may not have begged to keep them! Lexi girl and Diesel boy were not happy with Mason after this.

Mason goes to Sports Clips for all of his haircuts. He gets the MVP every time which includes a shampoo, hot towels and a massage. I think it makes him feel grown! Nathan and I love to watch him. All of the ladies always fall in love with him because of his sweet spirit and well manners.

Snapchat filters...can I get an Amen? They never fail to make us laugh! Mason and I love to play on them and send funny ones to his dad. Even if he is sitting right next to us.

Mason became obsessed with watches over the summer. It all started by looking through the trunk at the end of our bed one day {Mason loves to look at our stuff from our younger days}. Nathan came across this Fossil watch and gave it to Mason. Mase asked me to take this ^ picture because we both had on Fossil watches. He now has 3 or 4 watches in his collection and we have to look at them every time we are out shopping. He wears one to school every day like a little man! Oh how I love him!!

It was nearing the end of summer and Nate and I were trying to spend as much time with Mason as possible. We took him to Dave and Buster's one evening for some game playing fun. Nathan and Mason both got game cards and I happily watched them play. They racked up some points between the two cards and off to the ticket/prize area we went. Mason picked out a couple of things for himself and then asked if he could give the rest of his points {half of them} to someone. And of course we let him! We will never turn down an opportunity for Mason to give. He made some little girl's day that evening and made mine and Nate's heart burst with love and pride.

Nate's dream Jeep // My dream Jeep // Mason's dream car

Mason starting a Lambo at Starwood from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

One of the other things we did with Mason before school started is visit Starwood Motors/Customs. It's a dealership/shop in Dallas Texas that customizes cars to the max. Mason has recently become obsessed with Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, GTRs, etc. and we knew they had some for Mase to see. We found the Lambo of Mason's dreams and while we were looking at it a nice salesman came out with the keys! He asked Mason if he wanted to sit in the Lambo. I thought Mason might pass out from the excitement. He even let Mason start the Lamborghini. I totally missed it because I didn't know it was going to happen. It was the coolest thing ever, though! That salesman made a dream come true for our sweet boy and I am forever thankful.

And I guess I will have to do a part 2 because this is already entirely too long! Hi, I'm Crystal and I take too many pictures. ha!

What have you been up to?


  1. Oh my goodness so many sweet moments! I can't believe you let him get a knife! 😳

  2. There's nothing wrong with taking a ton of photos! I vote you keep doing it. :) Love them all. Mason with the kitten is adorable! Lexi is getting so big! I remember feeling like Bo went from puppy to grown so fast.

  3. You are such a photography talent and I love getting to peak into your life. How sweet was that salesman to make Mason's dreams come true. Kindness is always the best! xoxo ERIN

  4. I say take all the pictures. So fun to catch to see so many of these sweet moments in one post friend. I always love your photos, they make me want to take more pictures!!! Happy Friday friend.

  5. Yay for pictures! I love the one of Mason on the trike with the sunset in the background!

  6. Those pictures of Mason and the kitten just made me melt. I don't know why, but he looks like a little boy again there... so much younger. <3 Happy weekend, Crystal!

  7. So, so precious! Mason looks so much younger I think without his glasses!


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