{Little Letters // vol. 9}

I was bummed because I thought I totally missed the Little Letters link-up with Kristin at Taz and Belly during my blogging break!! But then I saw that her post didn't go live last Friday and actually posted today instead. Sorry, Kristin, I know that was a bummer for you...but I am glad I still get to join in. This is one of my favorite monthly link-ups that I always look forward to. And actually, every month I love this link-up a little more. To read my past Little Letters click H E R E. It feels so good to get these random little thoughts out of my mind each month! Here are my letters for this month...

Dear Jesus, I pray that You may be glorified in our season of waiting. Sanctify me and draw me closer to You. Help me to remember that it's not 'waiting' for you and that you are 'working'. May I fill the aching parts of my heart with prayer and faith in Your sovereignty. Also, I pray that I always hunger for Your word as much as I do right now. Fill me with Your truth. Amen.

Dear Friday, if you had a face I would kiss it. It's been a long and tiring week where nothing seemed to go right. I'm ready for the weekend to relax and spend quality time with my people.

Dear Life, you sure are busy. But, it's to be expected. August - December seems to always be our busy season. But, oh there's so much to look forward to. I can hardly stand it.

Dear fall, if you could hurry up and get here I would appreciate it. I mean, it's fall everything in my little world, but I need the temperature to cooperate with me. I need it to feel more like fall.

Dear winter, what's this I am seeing about you being cold and icy in Texas this year? I swear I just saw something a few months ago that said we will have a 'warm' winter. Texas weather is so bipolar.

Dear back, I am not quite sure what I did to you, but I sure would appreciate some relief from this pain soon. Nothing I do seems to make it better.  And don't you dare tell me it's because I carry my 7 year old like he's a baby at least once a day. I just can't resist those cuddly mornings and getting him out of bed.

Dear Bible, you and I are putting on some miles this month. Reading cover to cover has been so good for me. I'm taking the time to intentionally read and study each chapter so it's taking me a bit longer. But, I am good with that. I have been craving God's word something fierce lately.

Dear Bible Study Group, I am so glad that our every other Friday night studies are back in session!! I know the summer break was needed due to crazy schedules, but I'm glad summer is over if for only this reason alone. I love doing life with this group of amazing people.

Dear pups, what in the world is going on with you two lately? It's almost if there has been a full moon every night this week because you two are straight up crazy. Tone it down a little, okay?

Dear new friends, we are so thankful for you guys. You have encouraged us in more ways than we can ever begin to explain. Thank you for praying over us last weekend.

Dear Target, once that new Chip and Joanna line hit the stores just take all of my money, okay? Oh my word I can't wait. And like I needed one more reason to love and frequent Target.

Dear Iced PSL, I can't get enough of you lately. It's still too warm here in Texas for a warm PSL, but the iced PSL might just be my new favorite drink ever. Nathan, who doesn't drink coffee, even loved it!

Dear blog, I know! Two posts in one day? Who am I? I go from 2 weeks of no blogging to 2 posts in one day. haha.

Dear Weekend, bring it on. Let's find some adventure, okay? Have a good one, friends!


  1. You crack me up!! I was giggling to myself as I read this. So fun! And ugh to the winter predictions.

  2. Oh my word the new Target line! I should start saving right now!

  3. I wonder if I'd like iced PSLs. I don't really like the warm version!

  4. I am with you on the PSL! I like iced ones a lot. I got a Pumpkin Spice creamer that I've been using in my iced coffee!


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