{Currently & Three Things // September 2017}

I have been absent from this space for almost 2 weeks now. Not because of any one reason, but mostly because of lack of time. This is our busiest time of the year and with school back in session I am still trying to find my new normal & routine. It's been an adjustment, for sure. Always is. I think a bit of it has to do with me being in a funk without my boy home. I have such a hard time sharing him with school. With anyone, really. But especially school. Anyhow, a few days into my blogging break I started to realize just how much I needed this break. I started filling every free moment with reading my Bible rather than being on social media or tied down to this blog. It's been refreshing and so rewarding in so many ways. I do miss this space and reading all of your blogs though. I'm ready to jump back in. At least I think I am. I will more than likely scale back with how much I post, but I do know I'm not ready to give it up completely just yet. What better way to jump back in with a good ol' random catch-up/currently post?


Praying for: So many things to pray for. First and foremost, Salvation for those that do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I'm also praying for all of those affected by the hurricanes. So devastating! But, I know God is sovereign and has a plan. I also pray that I always crave God's word as much as I have lately.

Thanking: Jesus. You deserve our every last breath and every praise that comes out of us.

Loving: Life. Friends. Family. My pups. The fall like temperatures that are creeping in {slowly, but surely}. Pumpkin everything.

Not loving: Allergies.

Reading: The Bible only right now.

Listening to: Either 90.9 or 94.9 {both are Christian stations in our area} or Pandora - usually Lauren Daigle station, Elevation Worship station, Shane and Shane station, or Bethel station.

Watching: College Football and the Rangers.

Missing: My boy while he is at school. Only 257 more days until the last day of school!

Needing: More of Jesus!!!

Looking forward to: Seeing God work in our lives and in our church, deepening friendships, fall and trips!

What have you been up to currently?

Three Things:

1.) He is doing pretty well in school so far. He's only had 2 instances where he's gotten in trouble for talking. While 2 times may seem like a lot to most, it's really pretty good for Mason. He never stops talking. Ever. His grades are also good so far! He's loving Math in 2nd grade {he hated it in first grade}. He says his teacher teaches Math really well and makes it fun. We have really been blessed with some amazing teachers.

2.) He wants to be something scary for Halloween. My mama heart can barely take it because this is yet just another sign that he has grown up so much! I still want him to be something cute and he's all about the spooky.

3.) He is still the sweetest kid ever. Just yesterday he had tears rolling down his face while he told me, "Mama, I just love you so much and I want you to know that you're the best mom ever." He melts me!! I pray that he always has this sweet and tender little soul.

1.) He's really been working hard to grow his Instagram and put some good content out there. You can find him H E R E. It's exciting to see him get excited about it. He's working towards getting some fishing sponsors. Which would be totally cool!

2.) He loves his job! He is finally in a position with absolutely zero stress. He just turned down a job opportunity that would have been a $6/hour raise because he is happy where he is. I'm so glad that he did. Sometimes the money is just not worth the stress and I am glad he was able to discern that.

3.) He is signed up for a couple of fishing tournaments within the next few weeks. I am excited for him and pray that he does well, but most of all has fun.

1.) I have picked up my big camera again and I am loving it! I get so spoiled to my iPhone that I often forget about my big camera. While my iPhone takes great pictures, there is nothing like the quality of a DSLR. I feel like I always take more pictures in the fall. There's just something spectacular about that autumn light. I love scrolling through my camera roll, but I do have a confession. I get overwhelmed by how many pictures I have and then I never post any of them.

2.) Give me all the pumpkins!! Fall is my favorite time of year and when I am most happy! It's hard to explain, but it's just the feeling of fall and all it encompasses. I love it. I've already decorated my house for fall, I'm planning all of the pumpkin patch trips, and drinking as many PSLs as I can. The weather is so chili in the mornings and evenings and I can't get enough!

3.) I am feeling so thankful for some new friends that God has brought into our life recently. They are so encouraging and inspiring and we can't wait to deepen our friendships!! We hung out with them on Saturday and before we left they prayed over us and our infertility struggles. I was in tears! Such sweet friends and I am grateful for them.

That's all I have for today! Hope you're all doing well.


  1. Love this - where are you at in the Old Testament. I am on Ruth and I was so excited because I arrived there just in time since I am going to a retreat this weekend and we are studying Ruth! I sometimes will flip to the NT if I need specific help on anxiety or something like that! I have missed you my friend. Praying for you! xoxo ERIN

  2. So glad that you took a break and feel refreshed. So far I have only scaled back, but I think a break will be in my future too. Loved catching up on all that you have going on friend.

  3. I take too many pictures too but I like to share them if possible. I'd love to see yours!

  4. Welcome back! I missed you! And yes, September is always crazy!

  5. Oh I hear ya sharing these kids with school is rough! A break is just the ticket! Gotta focus on the things that really matter!

  6. Welcome back! Sometimes you just need a little break :) Glad you a ready to get back at it!

  7. Love this sweet friend! I feel like I was still reading posts because we've chatted so much through text and email. :) So happy for all three of you and all of the great things you have going on.


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