{Three things // Currently}

I mentioned yesterday that I've been a little MIA and the only excuse I can muster up is life, man. It's been happening and blogging & social media have not! So what has been keeping me so busy? Well, a little bit of everything...
- we got a furniture upgrade in our living room and now I am wanting to change up all the things! I've been working on adding new wall decor, changing some things out of frames and putting little 'farmhouse' touches here and there.
- purging, purging, purging every free moment we get! At last count we have donated over 17 bags and I don't even know how many bags of trash have been taken out! Feels so good to simplify areas of our home!
- bible studies with sweet friends from church!
- date nights and family nights.
- painting furniture
- cleaning out drawers and making more functional spaces
- spending extra time at church
- helping Nate's Grandparents get ready for a big move
- watching Cricut tutorials and saving svg files
- serving on PTO at Mason's school. We just wrapped up 3 pretty big events that were time consuming
- school projects
- boy scouts
- reading with Mason
- catching up on This is Us
- hanging out with my mama friends

It's been busy, but oh so good. I don't know if or when it will slow down, but I am working to devote more time to this space. I miss it! And now for three things,,,


1.) He recently got a pretty nifty fish finder on his kayak and he's ecstatic. His kayak is starting to look legit. He's just about ready to start fishing tournaments!

2.) He's really growing in Christ and it's so amazing to be able to witness!

3.) Work has been busy and really stressful for him. Seems like it's been fire after fire that he has had to put out.


1.) He is SO done with school at this point. Like done. He loves his teachers and seeing his friends everyday, but is over the work. He says that 'they do too much work and it's sooooo hard'. Bless his heart! He's having to work so hard and push through his ADHD and I think he's just tired. He's doing so great though and we are incredibly proud of him. He's making good grades and now reading at a 5th grade level (he's in first grade)!

2.) He's stubborn, he is messy, he is loud and a little wild too, but man does he have the biggest dang heart! At only six years old he just gets it. Right now he's so concerned about homeless people and tries to find ways to help them. Most recently he talked about opening up a store when he is older and letting the homeless come and shop for free. I mean...

3.) He is also spiritually mature for his age. His heart is on fire for Jesus and for learning about Jesus. The other day we were driving and out of the blue he asked me about salvation and what it means. When I finished telling him he says, "Yeah, that's exactly what I thought." Then he asks me, "Mom do you know what the two greatest gifts I have ever received are?" I ask him what and he says...

1.) That Jesus died for us. Mom, I don't think I could have done that.
2.) That God loved us enough

At SIX YEARS OLD he knows the Gospel! I would like to think that at 6 years old I knew who Jesus was, but I can guarantee you I didn't know the Gospel. He amazes me. He keeps asking us when he can get baptized. This is something I am praying about. I do not want to deny him from this public profession of faith, but I also want to make sure he fully understands what it means. I believe he does, but want that affirmation.


1,) I want to do nothing but Cricut lately. I look around my house and I'm like, 'yep, that needs a vinyl decal slapped on it!' And lets not even talk about how many pictures of t-shirts I want to make saved in my phone! I need to find a good place to stock up on t-shirts. I like a very specific kind and they are super hard to find!

2.) I am really enjoying being on the PTO at Mason's school! I love to do things for those sweet kids that work so hard everyday! If we can make their days a little brighter by small gestures then count me in! It's also good to be in the 'know' about things going on at his school! Getting to know the staff has been great, too. And, I have made so many good mama friends that my heart is so full and happy!

3.) I feel so un-organized right now! I mean, my house is clean and the purging has been awesome, but I feel so scattered in everything else. I need a good day to just sit down and plan everything out and make to do lists and such!
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  1. You seriously have the sweetest family! Mason is an amazing kid, you've obviously done something right! I too love the idea of helping out through the PTO. I'm the class mom in Noah's preschool class but we literally do nothing other than organize the teacher gifts! I'm excited for elementary school when I can get more involved. I know it will be time consuming but oh so worth it.

  2. I'm still doing the purging thing here and it makes me happy! I've lost track of all the bags that have left our house! Every time I read about Mason, I feel like Simon is so far behind, lol!

  3. We need new living room furniture so badly but I'm determined to purge and have all in order before I bring new things in. Blah...I just need more time!!

  4. You are so right, Mason is so mature in his faith. It's really amazing to see, er hear. Read. You know what I mean. And I just love all of your little decal things you've done. So cute!

  5. Im PTA Secretary at Kinsey's school! SO wonderful to serve those kids! Girl, Im with you on life happening.

  6. Doesn't purging just make you feel completely amazing!! The older I get, the more of a minimalist I become!

  7. Mason is seriously the sweetest! Purging, we're doing the same at our house and it feels good! Especially the toys!

  8. Life sure can get in the way sometimes but it's not actually in the way? Just maybe of the blog! You guys have been doing so much and just living the dream!!!

  9. You guys really have been busy! Doesn't it feel so good to purge and get rid of things? I'm doing that right now and it's amazing! You guys are the sweetest! i just love everything about your family.

  10. Oh Mason I just adore you. How I wish so dearly y'all were closer to us friend. I hope you get that day to sit and plan and find your focus soon. I purged the girls' room this weekend and have A LOT more purging to do in the near future. Have a great Wednesday!

  11. Goodness, you are busy!
    I'm desperate for a furniture upgrade, but just not sure that's wise or budget friendly right now. You need to share your new items!! You have such a great style.
    Mason. Wow. His understanding of the Gospel is just amazing. Good job, momma!
    For all the things you're juggling, you sure sound organized, even if you feel otherwise!

  12. Purging just sounds so good. I need to go through my winter clothes and get rid of things I haven't worn this winter!

  13. Love this type of post! Kind of a catch-all! I have been absent in the blogging world, too! Well, I find time to compose a few posts here and there, but reading blogs has been a completely different story. Just.can't.keep.up. Can't wait to see pictures of your new living room furniture and decor...your decor was already the best, so I bet the updates are amazing! And I'm with Mason, D-O-N-E with school. Is that bad when I just came back yesterday??? ;)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!