{This Past Weekend...}

Well, that weekend flew by in a flash! But, the good ones always do, right? Our weekend was full of Jesus, friend and family time. I soaked up every sweet moment and now my heart and love tank is so full.  Here's a peek at our weekend...

...this past weekend we had another bible study night that turned into morning! We studied Proverbs 16 for a few hours and then hung out and talked about everything under the moon. I love doing live with these people.

...this past weekend we saw the most incredible moon on the way to bible study. This picture doesn't do it any justice whatsoever. But, it was so neat and peaceful to drive the backroads under this amazing moon.

...this past weekend we didn't get to sleep in as long as we hoped on Saturday. After a late bedtime the night before and a busy agenda for Saturday we squeezed in maybe 6 hours of sleep.
...this past weekend I started my Saturday morning off with Jesus and coffee {in a fabulous Rae Dunn mug} before I had to run to town! I love starting my mornings with the word.

...this past weekend Mason read a 72 page book in about 15 minutes! This boy amazes me.

...this past weekend we ate at our favorite little place in our hometown. We started eating at Don Juans when we were younger than Mason! I'm just glad Mason loves the restaurant more than he loves taking pictures...

...this past weekend we helped Nathan's grandparents get ready to move. We spent hours going through pictures and found gems of my husband like this one...

...this past weekend we got a living room furniture upgrade. Just don't ask Nathan about moving couches for a while. ;)
...this past weekend I did my normal Sunday morning routine...grocery shopping and then grabbing my boys donuts before heading home to get ready for church.
...this past weekend we heard another testimony from an Elder candidate followed by a great sermon!
...this past weekend we had lunch in the family life center, then a member's meeting where we voted on the four Elder candidates.
...this past weekend the congregation voted all four candidates in as Elders of our church! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us.
...this past weekend we decided to skip boy scouts because of the meeting, errands we needed to run and some more sweet family time.
...this past weekend we watched the turtles at Bass Pro Shop and made wishes on pennies.

...this past weekend Mason thought it was hilarious when he got splashed at the turtle tank. His joy brings me joy. It's the little things...

...this past weekend we climbed on boats and pretended Mason was my captain.

...this past weekend these two boys made me melt with their sweetness! I love how Nathan fathers our precious boy!

...this past weekend was a good one.

Hall Around Texas Dear Weekend
How was your weekend? What was the best part? I pray that it was full of love and laughter.


  1. Looks like y'all had an amazing weekend!
    Finding old pics are one of my favorite things:)

  2. Another great weekend for you guys! It is so great that you have such a closeness with the people in your church. God has really been working on my heart lately and I just know great things are to come.

  3. Mason's reading skills! WOW! You should be so proud, Crystal. That is just amazing!

  4. Wow! Mason looks SO much like Nathan! Old pictures are such treasures.

  5. Another glorious weekend for the Hall's! Sounds just fabulous! I'm so happy that you found your church home!

  6. Your weekend sounds amazing! That moon looks beautiful even if the picture doesn't do it justice. :) love how much Mason loves to read. What a great little guy!! So glad you had such a great weekend! I hope you have a great week!

  7. You were able to go grocery shopping on Sunday before church? What time do you go? When is church?

  8. Sounds like a good one! That moon is amazing and I love finding old photos!!!

  9. You always have the best most joyous weekends. I love seeing all the picture and reading about your cute family.

  10. What a great weekend! I laughed when I read not to ask Nathan about moving couches. That sounds so much like Russ over so many different things.

  11. I love the notes in your bible and your bible itself looks like a cool one. Also that moon looks so cool!

  12. Love this. What fun and that picture of Nathan is hilarious!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! The moon was bananas that's for sure! Wow!

  14. A good weekend, indeed!!
    We had a pretty spectacular moon viewing this weekend as well. I think it might have been a super moon? Or something like that?
    I wish we had a Bass Pro near us, I think Marcus would enjoy it like Mason does!

  15. WHY do weekends go by so fast?!!!! Love the pics!

  16. Mason! What a reader! And it sounds like quite the perfect weekend.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!