{Our Month in Numbers // January}

Where did January go? Seriously! While I know we did more throughout the month it feels like it was the Youth Winter Retreat, my birthday, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and then boom February. And now we are already 9 days into the new month. Time needs to slow down. Anyhow, here's a look at our January in numbers.

Number of photos I posted to Instagram this month! Whoa!! Can we say slacker? I counted that number like 6 times because there was no way I only posted 14 photos to Instagram. But, it's true! I have been in a picture taking slump. I hope to pull out of that slump in February!

Number of blogs posted in January.

Approximate number of pine needles I swept up after moving our Christmas tree out of the house. I'm still finding some here and there. I love real Christmas trees, but I do not love the sweeping.

Buckets of Christmas packed up and ready to go into the attic.

Hours spent helping with our church's Youth Winter Retreat! Such a blessing to be a part of that.

Church services attended. We go every Wednesday and Sunday and if you ask me it's not enough! I love our church and church family.

Three A's and one really high B were on Mason's report card! We were so incredibly proud of him. he's worked hard for this!

Number of years I turned on the eighteenth of this month. I'm gonna need for that number to slow down!

Number of other people at our church that had the same birthday as me. That blew me away! I don't think I've ever met anyone with the same birthday as me and there are 4 at my church!

The Zone Mason just moved up to for reading at his school. This means that he can check out 5th grade level books from his school's library! He told Nathan and I while we were helping his librarian set up for the bookfair and she was blown away by his zone level.

Boxes of Girl Scout cookies bought and consumed. Why do they have to be so dang good?

Number of new books we ordered for Mason this month. 12 from his Scholastic book order at school and 9 from Amazon. Our boy loves to read!

Number of people we had in our group for our annual Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo tradition.


  1. I laughed about the pine needles. Ha ha! It's amazing how you'll keep finding them throughout the year. Oh how the tree gives back. ;) You guys had a great month. Can't wait to see what February holds for you.

  2. Totally with you on the pine needles from the Christmas Tree! My two year old thought it would be fun to make piles of needles throughout the house as we carried the tree out...needless to say I feel like I'm still sweeping up needles.

  3. I LOVE that Mason is such a great reader. Marissa always has been too and it makes me so happy. 4 people in your church with your birthday?! That is just crazy!

  4. Thanks for linking up! I laughed at your pine needles and then sighed...I kinda miss Christmas?

  5. Wow, Mason is a great reader! I'm pretty worried about Simon being behind on that.

  6. I've been slacking on IG too, so I can relate! And I still can't get over masons reading ability! How can you say no to more books when he loves to read and is so advanced at it!

  7. I've bought 5 boxes of cookies but they haven't come in yet. I want them now!

  8. Haha, I feel you on the pine needles!! I'm STILL finding them. I'll probably be finding them in September. Hehe.

  9. I always love these posts! I can't believe you only posted 9 photos!! I'm so obsessed w instagram I would have withdrawal. Lol

  10. I haven't bought a single box of cookies and don't plan to. I do not need those delicious bites in my house. I have no self-control.

  11. What a busy month! That's one smart kiddo you've got. His reading level and speed is so impressive. It seems like January was a slacker month for social media all around. I guess it's just not quite as exciting once the holidays are over?


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