{Max Shenanigans // Elf on the Shelf}

Max, our elf returned on December 2nd making our Christmas season so much fun! He arrived a little later this year because he was needed at the North Pole for a special project. Mason has been anticipating his arrival since the day he left last year. He loves Max so much and wishes he could stay with us the whole year. I'm not so against that either since Mason jumps out of bed so easily every morning so eager to find Max. Thank you Max!!!
Today I wanted to share some of what Max has been up to since his arrival. Just ignore the grainy and horrible pictures. It's still dark in the mornings when Mason is getting up and finding his elf.

Max arrived and brought Mason some donuts from the North Pole, some milk and a Christmas countdown chain. 

We left to go camping for our Polar Express weekend on this day. Mason was ecstatic to find that Max had joined us in the camper. He brought Mason pajamas to wear on the Polar Express train ride and he even had on matching pajamas. I know I heard Mason say at least a hundred times "I can't believe Max flew all the way here!"

We had to head home after our Polar Express weekend so Max left Mason some road trip essentials...candy and an Elf on the Shelf playpack. Mason kept going over and talking to Max while we were packing up to leave. It was the sweetest thing.

We woke up to find Max riding our new reindeer and still in his pajamas. Mason and I said he is definitely our elf because we love our pajamas as well! This was one of the sweetest days. After school Mason asked me to get him a shoebox from our craft closet. He then went around putting some of his toys in the box and asked me to help him wrap it. Then he took it over to Max and asked him if he could take it to the North Pole and ask Santa to give it to a kid that doesn't have much. Mason is the sweetest boy with the biggest heart! He also asked Max if he could take his broken piggy bank to the North Pole and ask his elf friends to fix it for him. He also made Max a Christmas tree that said "I love you". Mason said he wrote his 'e' backwards just like Max does because he didn't want to make him feel bad. Oh my word! I just love this boy.

Of course Max delivered! He brought back Mason's piggy bank fixed as best as the elves could and a special report card from Santa! Santa was so proud of Mason's sweet heart and kindness. Max also started our countdown chain since we kept forgetting to do that!

Max was super silly on this day! He had Mason's phone and was playing on Snapchat. He didn't understand filters and made his own.

After a long night and journey to and from the North Pole Max was tired. We found him at the coffee bar drinking a latte.

Max knew that we were going to Bethlehem Revisted on this day so he left Mason's bible story book for us to read about Jesus' birth. He also laid out Mason's nativity.

We found Max with a Batman cape and mask on and him sitting in the Batmobile. Max told Mason that he flew through Gotham City on his way back from the North Pole and that it was so cool!

Max brought Mason a Gingerbread house {with extra candy} to build after church! Max was so smart and brought a pre-assembled Gingerbread house!

Does your family have an elf? What's your favorite thing he/she has done this year?


  1. Such cute stuff! I love seeing what everyone comes up with for their elves!

  2. Oh my goodness, the Snapchat one! That is brilliant! We will have to do something like that with our elf next year. For now we are still only moving him around, but I told Brian that next year I want to have him do some more elaborate stuff. The kids will be older then and they will think it's hilarious I'm sure!

  3. Love these Elf on the Shelf ideas ;) Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  4. Girl! I love it all! Max is so fun! Did you create all of those little notes? What font did you use? I'm looking for a fun font like that for Jack, instead of "his" handwriting! haha!

  5. Mason is absolutely the sweetest kid ever!! I love that Santa sent back a report card. I've been sneaking away Ez and Declan's toys to give away, but I highly doubt they'd do it willingly :-/

  6. So. Your elf wins! He does some of the best, most creative stuff!
    I've scoured our Target for good elf items (last year the place had so many good things), but this year was such a bust. That elf candy would have been a HUGE hit in this house! And I'm DYING over the elf Snapchat!! LOL

  7. Oh my goodness Max is the coolest! Not as cool as Mason though wow what a sweetie! We have an elf and used to go nuts for him but have slacked off in recent years. Your elf has his act together though!!

  8. These are AWESOME!!! I love all of the notes and silly things he has done. You are so cleaver. :)

  9. Your elf is killing it!!! Best elf ever. Sounds like Mason is having a blast!
    I love those little notes that he leaves! How did you (or, uhh, he) do that?

  10. You are seriously rocking the elf thing this year friend. All of those little notes are just the sweetest!

  11. You are so good! I'll have to save these for next year...ours didn't make it this year! ;)

  12. I love them all! You are doing an awesome job! I especially like the batman one. Noah has the batmobile... I might have yo forward this to Chris!

  13. Look at all that fun! It's so hard to pick a favorite!


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