{Final Fall Bucketlist}

I got so behind on posting about our fall bucketlist! We did so many things and crossed so much off our list, but I couldn't find time to blog about it. Today will be a final update since I'm already knee-deep in everything Christmas!!

Bake treats & movie night:
We combined these two into one activity! I mean, who doesn't love to enjoy treats while watching a movie? We baked cupcakes and a pumpkin pizza, had jack-o-lantern floats and a multitude of other things while watching Hocus Pocus. It was such a great night!

BOO'ing Mason's Cousins:
I posted about this here. We had so much fun with his and will continue the tradition next year.

Take Fall Pics:
I took a few of us with my camera and a tripod. They came out pretty good considering. However, I can't share them yet because they will be on our Christmas cards this year!!

Camp at Jellystone Park for Fall Fiesta:
I posted about this here.

Trick or Treat:
Mason got to Trick or Treat twice. Once at Jellystone and another time on actual Halloween.

Go Camping:
We went on a few camping trips this fall. One of our favorites was the Cub Scouts Camporee {that I've yet to blog about}. We tent camped with Mason for the first time and had so much fun. He has been asking to tent camp ever since.

Become members at our Church:
We did! I do not have any pictures of us becoming members, but I do have pictures of Nathan and I getting baptized the week before.

Mainstay Farms:
This is another one of those I haven't blogged about yet! We have literally done so much that I just can't keep up. Mainstay Farms was actually our favorite part of the whole weekend. We always have a blast there.

Completed items with links to posts:
+ bake Halloween cookies or make Halloween treats
+ Boo "Mason's cousins and maybe some friends
+ buy a few fall wardrobe things
+ camp at Jellystone for Fall Fiesta
+ buy pumpkins
+ decorate or carve pumpkins
+ buy Mase Halloween pajamas
+ follow a fall photo project
+ go camping
+ volunteer at our church's 26th annual fish fry event
+ go on a hayride
+ go to a football game
+ go to Mainstay Farm/Pumpkin Patch
+ take a fall scenic drive
+ decorate the porch
+ go to the Texas State Fair
+ go to the zoo
+ have a Halloween movie night with themed foods
+ get a PSL...or seven
+ make fall wreaths to donate to our church's fish fry, bake & craft sale
+ fill our thankful jar with Mason
+ make fall/Halloween crafts
+  have a picnic at the park
+ roast marshmallows
+ stay in a cabin somewhere
+ take fall pictures
+ go on a nature walk/scavenger hunt
+ take Mason trick or treating
+ make the s'mores dip
+ visit the Farmer's Market
+ go to the Texas Country Reporter Festival
+ become members at our church 

We didn't complete our list, but we sure had a great fall!


  1. You guys got so much done! Love crossing things off lists!!

  2. Y'all had such a great fall. Love those treats and the baptism photos make me so happy!

  3. Wow!! You guys had the best fall!!! I love everything you accomplished together. Way to go Momma!!

  4. I love and am terrified of those cupcakes all at the same time! Looks like you all had such a lovely Fall!

  5. You guys ROCKED your bucket list!! And, technically, there's still a few days left until the official start of winter! You could still sneak a few in if you wanted!

  6. That's so nice you have photos of you guys getting baptized! Congratulations. It was a nice change to see some Non Christmas in my feed ;)

  7. You did pretty dang good on your list. Good job! Those cupcakes are pretty cool looking. :)

  8. Girl, y'all got so many things done! What a fun couple of months!

  9. Wow! Good job you guys! What a fun season and you got so many beautiful photos.


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