{Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans // Part 2}

Hall Around Texas Elf on the Shelf

Our elf, Max has been so much fun this Christmas season! Mason jumped out of bed each morning with eager anticipation to see what shenanigans Max was up to. Max sure does make mornings easier and better! I wish that little guy could stay year round for that reason alone. Today I am sharing the 2nd half of what our Elf on the Shelf has been up to. Well, I was going to...

Mason got a new video camera for Christmas, but we totally forgot to order a memory card from Amazon. He wanted to use the camera Christmas morning so I let him use the memory card from my small camera. The camera/memory card I had used for the last couple weeks snapping pictures of all of Max' Shenanigans. I went to load all of the pictures into my computer and they were gone. GONE. Every single one of them. I guess when we put the memory card in Mason's video camera it erased everything that was on there. Such a bummer! So I have no record of all the things Max has been up to except for Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve.

 photo 23rd_zpsej4yycy8.png
Max brought us a new pet! He brought a Saint Bernard and the Elf Pets story book! Mason got to name him and was so excited! He went through several names {Maximus, Finn, Charlie, Rex} before he settled on the name Cubby! He chose that name because of the Cub Scouts!! So now we have Max and Cubby that will join us every December. Next year will be so much fun.

 photo 1_zpsq1ycfrtz.jpg

Also on this day Mason's Nana called us over for a surprise! We arrived to find that Mason's Elf Scout {at their house} had put himself in a jar so that Mason could carry him around without losing the Elf's magic! Mason was able to bring Scout home for the day and let him hang out with Max and Cubby! He thought it was the coolest thing.

 photo 12_zpsuvhdjc3u.jpg  photo 13_zpsimtdy3x5.jpg  photo 2_zps0ffo9uwg.jpg

 photo 24th_zpswsx2n7ue.png

On Christmas Eve Max and Cubby brought Mason two very special keys. The first was an Inn Keeper's Key. The key represents the Innkeeper who told Joseph and Mary there was no room for them at the Inn. We are all Innkeepers and we must decide if we have room for Jesus in our hearts. We hung our Innkeeper's Key on the front door on Christmas Eve to let our dear Savior know that we welcome him into our home and our hearts all year long! The second key was a magic key that Santa sent since we do not have a chimney. We also hung it on our door on Christmas Eve.

 photo 4_zpsepggpxuq.jpg  photo 5_zps2po4e12b.jpg  photo 8_zpsmotabbx5.jpg  photo 9_zpsmasogz0z.jpg  photo 10_zpswuz2c8lf.jpg  photo 11_zpsr3snd4gs.jpg

While I am bummed that I lost most of the pictures of Max this Christmas season, I have those sweet memories and Mason's excitement tucked away into a special place in my heart! I can't wait to see what fun Max and Cubby bring next year.


  1. Oh how sad the images were lost! I would have cried. That stuff always gets me. You sure take the elf to a whole new level! Much respect!!

  2. I love the Innkeeper's Key idea! That's such beautiful symbolism. I so look forward to kiddos of my own one day to be able to do these things. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. So sweet. You did such a great job with your elf this year friend.

  4. LOVE that Santa key! I'm so glad Max got to hang around a bit longer. :)

  5. I love all of these! Our elf definitely needs to quit being so lazy and do some fun stuff next year. ;o)


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