{Toddlerhood // Mason-isms}

Oh sweet Jesus! I just found this post in my drafts and it pains me that I never posted it. This was back in his early toddlerhood days. I wanted it on the blog...so I am posting it a few years later!! I just posted Things Mason Says {as a big ol five year old}, but I loved finding this and seeing the things that he said back when he was my little baby!!


Mason has always been a big talker. He started talking very early and, well, hasn't stopped since. And what I've loved most? Is the words he makes up on his own. But, as he's getting older he's starting to say the correct words. Not, gonna lie...it makes me a little bit sad. Also, he has always said "T" for "C" sounded words. Came home from school one day and was saying his "C's"...Cat, Kitty, Car....no more Tar, Titty, Tat...just like that!

 He still has a few "Masonisms" and I am hanging on to them as long as I can....

Hick-up Truck
{pick up truck}

Four Liter
{four wheeler}



Hear Phones
{ear phones}

{cinnamon toast crunch cereal} 

Got Dr Pepper
{diet dr pepper}


Beep Beep and Beepsters
{his boy parts}


Pooter Pooter

Ruffle Man
{wrestle man} 
Mote Patrol
{Remote Control} 

And some of his phrases - 

"I already only got that"

"Don't leave without about me"


  1. Hick-up trucks! I love that. The things they say are so cute. Sometimes we don't want to correct the way Cam says things because it's just too cute.

  2. Goodness, this is sweet. I'm so glad that you came across this!

  3. what a cute draft post you had collecting dust!

  4. So cute and love that you found it and got to walk down memory lane!

  5. What a gem to find!!
    Scott and I were talking the other night about how we miss those little phrases, sayings, and words that Marcus used to say!

  6. These are all so cute! What a great find to discover in your drafts!!!

  7. Awww! What a fun post to come across. Ez says S instead of F (Sire Truck instead of Fire Truck), but lately I've heard him actually say the letter F and it is sad. I think because it feels like they just grow up all of a sudden overnight. So sweet that you have all this recorded, these are the best posts to look back on :)

  8. His "man parts" references are hilarious! Only a boy would equate them with car parts ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, this is even sweeter a couple of years late. What a treasure to find.


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