{Things Mason Says // v.2016-1}

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One of the cagillion things I love about Mason is his quick wit. The kid is pretty hilarious and keeps us on our toes because we never know what he is going to say {kind of scary, too}. Not only is he pretty funny, he is also sweet and has such a tender heart and soul. Conversations with him are pretty much my favorite thing ever. So time for another round of Things Mason Says.

Me // Mason, what was your favorite thing about Disney World?
Mason // Being there with all of y'all!

Listening to the OU play-off game on our way home from our camping trip...
Mason // Mom, when I get big I am gonna play football for Boomer Sooner for you.

Showing Mason a sunrise picture from the morning {he missed it because he was asleep}
Mason // God did that for us, Mama!

Me // Mason you are at the highest reading level for Kindergarten and I am so proud of you!!
Mason // Thank you. WAIT! There's not a level 5? What do I do now????

We were laying in bed and Mason sits up, flexes his muscles and says..
Mason // Check this out Mama
Me // Whoa, where did those come from?
Mason // School. We exercise and practice counting to one hundred every day.

Talking about the rodeo...
Mason // Mama did we see the guy that plays Lane Frost at the rodeo today?
note - I assume me meant in the movie. He was curious because we told him recently he was named after Lane Frost. 

Driving to school and we were listening to the song "There is Power in the name of Jesus"...
Mason // Mama, what are all the ways that we can praise Jesus?
and then I looked in my rearview mirror to see his hands raised to the Heavens!!

Mason was reading his DRA {Developmental Reading Assessment} and it was about making pizza...
Mason // Put the green peppers on the pizza....who would want to eat green peppers????

Driving home from school and we were talking about God & Jesus and Heaven...
Mason // God is the best superhero!!
Me //  If he had a superhero cape what color do you think it would be?
Mason // All colors and it would change depending on what superpower he was using!

Working in the shop and Nate was teaching Mason to use powertools...
Mason // Did they use a nailgun when they nailed Jesus to the cross?
oh the innocence!

I made Mason a cup of milk and some cookies and it just so happened to be the same cup we set out for Santa at Christmas time...
Mason // Whoa wait...didn't Santa drink out of this cup? {totally grossed out}
Me // Yes, but I have washed it since then.
Mason // Are you sure? {still making a face}

Mason // Mom my left arm hurts, but to you it would look like my right arm because I am facing you. And my right leg was hurting today at school.
Me // you must be growing.
Mason // really?
Me // yes, it's called growing pains.
Mason // So one of my arms is going to be longer than the other? And one of my legs is going to be longer than the other??? Oh, that must be why my skin is busting out of my pajamas on my right leg. Seeeeeee Mom...
(his pant leg was pushed up to his knee)

He's a HOOT!!! What are some of the things your child has said before?


  1. Oh my gosh he is too funny about one of his arms and legs being longer than the other! And I truly love how innocent their comments are!

  2. Haha!! What a sweetheart! I completely agree with the superhero cape colours! My 4 year old brought his book to me last week and said 'mum, I have a problem with this book' I asked him what the problem was and he looked straight at me and said 'uhhh, I can't read..'! He was just so matter of fact about it, I was still laughing when we sat down to read it together! Kids are just awesome!

  3. Ive been collecting some Kinsey quotes lately too! Great minds! ;) Mason is such a witty boy!

  4. God did that for us, Mama! - that may be the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
    Mason sure has a tender little heart. You have such a good little man!

  5. My son attends this preschool, it is slightly higher in price but the difference in his excitement towards learning has changed tremendously in a positive manner. The teachers at Phoenix preschool are so warm and welcoming.

  6. Oh I love these posts. He is just the sweetest little guy. Can't wait to read Wednesdays interview!

  7. So creative about God's super powers & cape. And too funny about Santa's cup! I thought he'd be excited to drink from the same cup as Santa...but nope, guess it is kinda gross when you think about it ;)


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